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B. 02-12 Cranes Too Close to Planes Port of Oakland
C. 02-12 Attempted sexual assault Santa Rosa
D. 02-12 Electronic Arts buys stake in DICE Redwood City
4. 02-12 CFO: Software Market Has Stabilized Siebel
5. 02-12 Yahoo, BT Team Up on Broadband Offer Yahoo
G. 02-12 Car collided with light rail car San Jose
02-12 Wireless Internet chip for cell phones Intel
I. 02-12 Muslims Celebrate Festival of Sacrifice San Jose
9. 02-12 Steady subscription growth predicted Yahoo


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Morning News

Feb.12   Port of Oakland   Cranes Too Close to Planes  The giant cranes at the Port of Oakland are now a problem for planes at Oakland International

  Santa Rosa Attempted sexual assault  A woman reports a masked male attacked her roommate in her bedroom

  Redwood City Electronic Arts buys stake in DICE  Video game publisher had purchased a minority stake in the Swedish game development company

  Siebel CFO: Software Market Has Stabilized  The chief financial officer Ken Goldman reiterated the company's first-quarter forecasts

  Yahoo Yahoo, BT Team Up on Broadband Offer  Internet firm is getting into Europe's highly competitive broadband market

  San Jose Car collided with light rail car  Woman tried to make an illegal left turn over a raised median and crashed into an oncoming trolley

Evening News

  Intel   Wireless Internet chip for cell phones
  Microchip supercharges the power of cell phones to access the Internet, display photos, play music

  San Jose   Muslims Celebrate Festival of Sacrifice  Many of the Muslims want the U.S. to try to avoid war at all costs

  Yahoo   Steady subscription growth predicted  Yahoo! will add at least 1 million subscribers annually for the next 3 years

  Oakland Chapuis named news director at KTVU-TV  Ed Chapuis is replacing Andrew Finlayson, who left the station after 31/2 years in that position

  Berkeley Resolution 'to slow the rush to war'  City Council unanimously has approved a resolution supporting current peace efforts in Congress

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