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Business Main Event: 3 bodies found, possibl...
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B. 02-13 Ordinance against loitering Oakland City Hall
C. 02-13 Coach look forward for championship 49ers
D. 02-13 Big rig crash, power lines down Richmond
02-13 3 bodies found, possible murder-suicide Cupertino
5. 02-13 Nvidia Profit Falls Despite Settlement Santa Clara
6. 02-13 InVision reports soaring profits Newark
7. 02-13 Ballet raises cash for current season San Jose
8. 02-13 County to lay off more than 100 workers Contra Costa County
9. 02-13 Intuit profits rise Mountain View


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Morning News

Feb.13   Oakland City Hall   Ordinance against loitering
  Ordinance is allow police officers to issue citations to people loitering for the purpose of drug dealing

  49ers   Coach look forward for championship  Dennis Erickson describes his coaching style as aggressive

  Richmond Big rig crash, power lines down  Person may have been ejected from a vehicle when a big rig jackknifed and struck a tree

Day News

  Cupertino   3 bodies found, possible murder-suicide
  Woman and two children found in a home. The house smells overwhelmingly of gas

  Santa Clara   Nvidia Profit Falls Despite Settlement  Graphics chip maker reported a smaller net profit even as it recognized extra revenue from a settlement with Microsoft

  Newark InVision reports soaring profits  Bomb-scanning equipment maker reported that its quarter profit soared as it filled orders for devices used at airports

  San Jose Ballet raises cash for current season  Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley has raised the $1.2 million. Arts Commission denied an emergency grant of $100,000

  Contra Costa County County to lay off more than 100 workers  The layoffs would represent 2% of the county work force and the savings would plug about $25 million

  Mountain View Intuit profits rise  The personal software maker reported a slightly higher quarterly profit despite TurboTax backlash

Evening News

  SF Mission   17-year-old boy died from shooting  Someone is believing incorrectly that he was a member of a rival gang

  Livermore Lab 2 scientists receives AAAS distinction  Jeff Wadsworth and Craig Smith have been named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

  San Francisco 1,000 residents remain in dark  It is believed the problem is an underground equipment failure

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