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B. 02-14 Ex-executive charged with insider trading San Francisco
02-14 Security zones around bridges Golden Gate Bridge
3. 02-14 Ferry Riders Could Face 73% Fare Hike Larkspur
E. 02-14 Nvidia Shares Soar Santa Clara
5. 02-14 Ridership continuing to plunge BART
G. 02-14 Salon may not survive beyond February San Francisco
7. 02-14 $100 million for BART extension to SFO SFO
I. 02-14 Alleged injury faker arraigned East Palo Alto
J. 02-14 Broken Heater May Have Killed Family Cupertino


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Morning News

Feb.14   San Francisco   Ex-executive charged with insider trading  A former sales director at PeopleSoft Kenneth Mellert and his friend Roman Mayer were charged by SEC

Day News

  Golden Gate Bridge     Security zones around bridges
  The areas extend 25 yards around piers, abutments, and pilings

  Larkspur Ferry Riders Could Face 73% Fare Hike  Golden Gate Transit wants $5.60 for a one-way trip

  Santa Clara Nvidia Shares Soar  Shares in graphics chip maker soared 22%

  BART Ridership continuing to plunge  Plunge is prompting the transit agency to consider fare increases and cost cuts

  San Francisco Salon may not survive beyond February  Online magazine publisher warned that it may not survive if it can't raise more money to pay its rent and other bills

Evening News

  SFO   $100 million for BART extension to SFO  A bill approved by the House of Representatives will provide about $105 million for services in Bay Area

  East Palo Alto Alleged injury faker arraigned  Jose Ahrnan Villatoro collected disability benefits for four years after a supposed job-related injury

  Cupertino Broken Heater May Have Killed Family  Investigators are examining a gas heater to see if it played a role in the deaths of a mother and her 2 children

  Highway 580 Overturned vehicles causes sig-alert  2 Mustangs of the same model rolled over and blocked 3 of 4 lanes on Highway 580

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