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Main Event: 200,000 join protests against I...
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B. 02-16 New Round of Troop Call Ups San Bruno
02-16 200,000 join protests against Iraq war SF Downtown


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Day News

Feb.16   San Bruno   New Round of Troop Call Ups  223rd Military Intelligence Unit based in SF and the 2632nd Transportation Company based in San Bruno

  SF Downtown   200,000 join protests against Iraq war
  A steady stream of chanting, sign-waving protesters filled 12 large city blocks from the waterfront to the City Hall
 The main march began at Justin Herman Plaza. Ringing cowbells, chanting, dancing and waving signs, puppets and placards, the marchers moved slowly up lower Market. About 1,000 protesters broke away and vandalized businesses and clashed with police along Market before some were arrested

Evening News

  San Jose   Agassi won fifth Siebel Open title  After falling behind 0-2, Andre Agassi won 6-3, 6-1, over Davide Sanguinetti

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