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Crime Main Event: Splinter group clashes wit...
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02-17 Splinter group clashes with cops for hours SF Downtown
C. 02-17 Google Buys Pyra Labs Google
3. 02-17 Arrested for bomb posession Walnut Creek
4. 02-17 Slain after home invasion Sonoma County
F. 02-17 Eastbound flights cancelled SFO
6. 02-17 Shot to death in garage Hayward
H. 02-17 Reptile ranch fire West San Jose
I. 02-17 Cessna collided with maintenance truck SFO
J. 02-17 High power microwave zapper Livermore Lab


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Morning News

Feb.17   SF Downtown   Splinter group clashes with cops for hours
  1000 broke away from anti-war march. During 4-hour hit-and-run vandalism, 46 people were arrested

  Google   Google Buys Pyra Labs
  Internet search company has agreed to acquire popular web publishing tool who helped jump-start blogging

  Walnut Creek   Arrested for bomb posession
  Police have 44-year-old Allen Dale Clements in custody after discovering a small bomb in the back of his truck

  Sonoma County   Slain after home invasion  A 56-year-old Cristos 'Pete' Magoulas was slain by 4 men who apparently invaded the house with the intent to rob it

  SFO   Eastbound flights cancelled  Flights bound for the northeastern United States remain cancelled due to the region's winter storm

  Hayward   Shot to death in garage  36-year-old Patricio Pena allegedly shot 27-year-old Jose Luis Lujan-Barrita before fleeing the scene in a Ford Bronco II

  West San Jose   Reptile ranch fire  Reptiles have been transported out of the structure

  SFO Cessna collided with maintenance truck  The twin-engine Cessna, operating as an air-ambulance, was turning off the taxiway to park

Day News

  Livermore Lab High power microwave zapper  Scientists have been working on a weapon that may play a major role in the opening of a possible war in Iraq

Evening News

  Petaluma   Man Arrested for Homicide  Timothy Charles Wise, 40, is behind bars for allegedly murdering a visitor to his motor home

  Moffett Field Psychological Battalions mobilized  Psychological Operations Battalions, a chaplain detachment from Dublin and a facility-engineering group

  San Francisco Car struck female bicyclist  Officers found the woman sprawled on the ground suffering from head injurie

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