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Politics Main Event: $11 million to settle R...
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02-19 $11 million to settle Riders suits Oakland City Hall
C. 02-19 Homicide Appears Gang-related SF Downtown
D. 02-19 Kimball convicted of assault Santa Rosa
E. 02-19 Checkpoint runner faces federal charges SFO
F. 02-19 Dies from Police Gunfire SF Sunset
G. 02-19 2 died from shooting East Oakland
7. 02-19 Stormwater runoff required to be treated San Francisco
I. 02-19 Digital Rights Summit Intel
9. 02-19 Willie Brown bids for CalPERS presidency SF City Hall


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Morning News

Feb.19   Oakland City Hall   $11 million to settle Riders suits
  Rights lawsuits were brought by 100 people who claimed they were victimized by a group of rogue police officers

  SF Downtown   Homicide Appears Gang-related  Killing left a man dead with several gunshot wounds near Civic Center. He had gang-related tattoos

  Santa Rosa   Kimball convicted of assault  Ex-priest was convicted of assaulting a newspaper photographer outside the courtroom

  SFO Checkpoint runner faces federal charges  Cindy Hsiung Wei-Hsuan, 23, a Tawainese citizen, allegedly ran through a security gate

Day News

  SF Sunset   Dies from Police Gunfire
  Undercover police pulled over the suspect. He then tried to pin one officer between two vehicles

  East Oakland   2 died from shooting
  Officers found a 22-year-old victim dead at the scene. A second victim, a 47-year-old man, died in a hospital

  San Francisco Stormwater runoff required to be treated  Water regulators decided to require new developments projects to treat stormwater runoff before allowing it to flow

  Intel Digital Rights Summit  Repressive copyright laws and costly lawsuits from Hollywood could 'break the Internet'

  SF City Hall Willie Brown bids for CalPERS presidency  Mayor bids for the presidency of the nation's largest pension fund

Evening News

  East Oakland   Homicide at gas station  Chevron gas station parking lot near 98th and Edes avenues

  SF City Hall   Ammiano announces candidacy for mayor  City Board of Supervisors President would attempt to make a 'city that is going to work for everyone'

  SJ Arena Islanders 3, Sharks 0  Peca scored two goals

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