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Crime Main Event: Agilent to cut 4,000 more ...
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02-21 Agilent to cut 4,000 more jobs Palo Alto
C. 02-21 Homeless People Count Alameda County
3. 02-21 Cabs Cited for Picking Up Illegal Fares Daly City
E. 02-21 IBM Closes Acquisition of Rational Cupertino
F. 02-21 Frozen-chicken Freight Train Kills Man Richmond
6. 02-21 Charges Reduced in Peace March Arrests San Francisco
7. 02-21 Former SLA fugitive Kilgore pleads guilty San Francisco
I. 02-21 Founders, CEO are Top Philanthropists eBay
9. 02-21 Ex-assistant coach sentenced to 14 years Mountain View


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Morning News

Feb.21   Palo Alto   Agilent to cut 4,000 more jobs
  Maker of test and measurement equipment, will cut 11% of its work force, after posting a wider quarter loss

  Alameda County Homeless People Count  The goal is to produce a reliable estimate of the number and a detailed profile of the homeless population

  Daly City Cabs Cited for Picking Up Illegal Fares  9 taxicab companies, along with their drivers, were cited when the Police conducted a special enforcement detail

  Cupertino IBM Closes Acquisition of Rational  IBM expects the deal to have little net impact on its earnings per share

  Richmond Frozen-chicken Freight Train Kills Man  The was lying along a stretch of open track. Union Pacific train was headed for Oakland with 11 cars

Day News

  San Francisco   Charges Reduced in Peace March Arrests
  Several dozen were charged with felonies. But most had their charges reduced to misdemeanors

  San Francisco   Former SLA fugitive Kilgore pleads guilty  Kilgore, who spent decades on the run, pleaded guilty to federal explosives and passport fraud charges

  eBay Founders, CEO are Top Philanthropists  Omidyar, Skoll and Whitman gave over $99 million to charitable causes last year

  Mountain View Ex-assistant coach sentenced to 14 years  Alton Albert King, 43, received the term for sexually molesting five male students

Evening News

  San Francisco   Examiner lays off staff; plans to be free
  40 people lost their jobs. The smaller, free paper will continue with about 15 reporters, editors and photographers

  SJ Arena   Sharks 6, Blue Jackets 0  Sturm scored 2 goals in a 3 minute span of the second period. Nabokov stopped 29 shots

  SF Downtown   Aerial photo show fewer attendees  An aerial survey of anti-war protest showed the number of protesters was around 65,000 people, below estimates

  Oracle Arena Knicks 107, Warriors 111  Attendance: 16,711

  Santa Rosa Sex offender back in jail after bail revoked  Bail bond company is considered William Martin Irwin, 61, a danger to the community and a flight risk

  Sonoma County Burglary suspect arrested  18-year-old David Simmons suspected of committing an auto burglary and residential burglaries

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