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B. 02-23 Tanker ship ran aground Benicia
C. 02-23 Japanese-Americans recall internment San Francisco
3. 02-23 Man shot and killed trying to unload gun Napa
4. 02-23 Woman beaten unconscious at robbery San Francisco
F. 02-23 One died, 3 injured during crush Vallejo
6. 02-23 Woman robbed store at gunpoint South SF
02-23 AIDS vaccine developed by VaxGen Brisbane
I. 02-23 Symphony's Tilson Thomas Wins Grammy San Francisco
J. 02-23 Hawks 93, Warriors 115 Oracle Arena


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Morning News

Feb.23   Benicia     Tanker ship ran aground
  A ship was carrying 27,000 pounds of liquid fertilizer. None of the cargo spilled and no injuries were reported

  San Francisco   Japanese-Americans recall internment  100,000 were rounded up and interned behind barbed wire after the attack on Pearl Harbor

  Napa Man shot and killed trying to unload gun  Police arrested a 19-year-old Jerry Milton Fowler III on a manslaughter charge

  San Francisco Woman beaten unconscious at robbery  Police caught a suspect, who was allegedly ripping rings off the woman's fingers

  Vallejo One died, 3 injured during crush  A car went out of control and struck a tree on the right shoulder of the roadway

Day News

  South SF Woman robbed store at gunpoint  A black woman allegedly pulled out a pistol and grabbed a cash from the register

Evening News

  Brisbane   AIDS vaccine developed by VaxGen
  An experimental vaccine does not protect most people, but showed promise in protecting blacks and Asians

  San Francisco Symphony's Tilson Thomas Wins Grammy  Michael Tilson Thomas won best Orchestral Performance for recording of Mahler's Symphony Number 6

  Oracle Arena Hawks 93, Warriors 115  Richardson scored 20 points and Gilbert Arenas added 18

  Benicia Coast Guard Monitors Fertilizer Vessel  The Coast Guard is continuing to monitor a tanker, the Cefalonia, that ran aground in the Delta

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