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Business Main Event: Man shoots daughter, ki...
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B. 02-25 Fagan Jr. faces second civil suit San Francisco
2. 02-25 Cisco, AT&T in Marketing, Tech Alliance Cisco
02-25 Man shoots daughter, kills wife, self Concord
4. 02-25 Quarter earnings beat expectations HP
F. 02-25 Woman Found Dead Newark
G. 02-25 Newspaper Vendor Dies After Attack SF Downtown
7. 02-25 Thousands Attend Massive Job Fair Pac Bell Park
I. 02-25 Horrific Testimony in Transgender Death Fremont
J. 02-25 More employees than district can afford Oakland


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Morning News

Feb.25   San Francisco     Fagan Jr. faces second civil suit  A man who claims Fagan and his partner broke ribs during an arrest is asking for damages and punitive damages

  Cisco Cisco, AT&T in Marketing, Tech Alliance  AT&T and Cisco Systems would collaborate on product planning and sales to initially serve U.S. business customers

Day News

  Concord   Man shoots daughter, kills wife, self
  Kessler's son made a grim discovery -- finding his elderly father and mother dead from gunshot wounds

  HP   Quarter earnings beat expectations
  Earnings are spurred by cost savings from its merger with Compaq and improved demand for PCs during the holidays

  Newark   Woman Found Dead  Relatives discovered the body of Mary Furagganan, 24, inside her house

  SF Downtown   Newspaper Vendor Dies After Attack Map of muni streetcar San Francisco  81-year-old Vincente Pascua who was beaten and robbed while waiting for a Muni streetcar

  Pac Bell Park Thousands Attend Massive Job Fair  Technology companies, hospitals, and government agencies were among the 40 businesses taking part

  Fremont Horrific Testimony in Transgender Death  A witness recounted details of the night a teen was killed

  Oakland More employees than district can afford  The school district has 400 to 500 more employees -- mostly teachers -- than comparable districts around the state

Evening News

  San Francisco Man and woman shot  Unknown shooter shot a man and a woman sitting in a car in the 1300 block of Eddy Street

  SF Downtown 1,000 women to attend health conference  Mother-daughter relationships, body image, dating violence and sexism are among the topics

  San Francisco Sentenced to wear sign for mail theft  Shawn Gementera, 24, indicted on federal charges was sentenced to spend 100 hours outside a post office

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