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Accidents Main Event: Cell Phone Ban Pondered
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1. 02-26 20-year-old woman missing SF Bayview
2. 02-26 2-alarm fire destroys $2.5 million home Danville
3. 02-26 Two drivers died in head-on collision Dublin
4. 02-26 Missing vessel located near Grizzly Bay Pittsburg
F. 02-26 Shares sink on revenue shortfall HP
02-26 Cell Phone Ban Pondered San Francisco
H. 02-26 Students protest with race-based bake UC Berkeley
I. 02-26 Budget Cuts at SFMOMA SF Downtown
J. 02-26 Second-largest automated people-mover SFO


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Morning News

Feb.26   SF Bayview   20-year-old woman missing  Jennifer Smith has been missing for 3 days and has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old child

  Danville   2-alarm fire destroys $2.5 million home  30 firefighters used a relay of hoses pumping water from a hydrant at the bottom of the home's long driveway

  Highway 580   Two drivers died in head-on collision Map of Interstate 580 Dublin  One of the cars was traveling very fast when it shot across the center divider of I-580

  Pittsburg   Missing vessel located near Grizzly Bay  A helicopter and several boats were deployed to locate the boat that had gone missing

  HP Shares sink on revenue shortfall  Shares fell 11% on disappointing revenue figures for its fiscal first quarter and a cautious outlook

Day News

  San Francisco   Cell Phone Ban Pondered
  It may soon be illegal to take or make cell phone calls during public performances

  UC Berkeley   Students protest with race-based bake
  Conservative students cooked up an anti-affirmative action treats priced according to the buyer's race or ethnicity

  SF Downtown   Budget Cuts at SFMOMA  The Museum of Modern Art will reduce its annual exhibitions by as much as 25%

  SFO Second-largest automated people-mover  $430 million AirTrain will run every 2.5 minutes, carrying travelers free of charge between the airport and parking garages

  UC Berkeley UC workers protest employment practices  18,000 clerical workers have been without a union contract for 2 years

  Adobe Profit Would Cut by Options Cost  2002 profit would have been cut by 97% if it had expensed the cost of employee stock options at their market value

Evening News

  Antioch Retired priest arrested for molestation  Robert Ponciroli, 66, was arrested on six felony counts of molestation

  SF Mission Residents of Apt Building Become Ill  Residents at 30 Sycamore Street are suffering from headaches and tearing up

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