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B. 02-28 Deputy chief, 3 officers indicted SF City Hall
2. 02-28 Red Herring magazine closes San Francisco
D. 02-28 Leo's Killer Suing Dog Owner, Newspaper SJ Mercury News
4. 02-28 Palm Cuts Jobs, Stock Drops Palm
5. 02-28 Items Seized at Airports Sell on eBay eBay
02-28 Police chief indicted in cover-up of brawl SF City Hall
H. 02-28 Indicted Police Chief in Place for Now SF City Hall
8. 02-28 Mayor dedicated seven-story garage San Jose Downtown
J. 02-28 Music star's uncle sentenced for murder Vallejo


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Morning News

Feb.28   SF City Hall     Deputy chief, 3 officers indicted  David Robinson, 51, the head of investigations, and 3 police officers charged with conspiracy, felony assault

Day News

  San Francisco   Red Herring magazine closes
  Publisher RHC Media reached the decision after unsuccessfully trying to sell the magazine. March issue is final one

  SJ Mercury News   Leo's Killer Suing Dog Owner, Newspaper  Andrew Burnett's $1 million lawsuit alleges mental anguish, and claims that Sara McBurnett defamed him to the media

  Palm Palm Cuts Jobs, Stock Drops  Handheld computer maker has cut 19% of its staff, or about 250 jobs, over the past three months

  eBay Items Seized at Airports Sell on eBay  The California Department of General Services is putting potentially dangerous items up for bids

  SF City Hall     Police chief indicted in cover-up of brawl
  Earl Sanders and 9 other policemen have been indicted in connection with a brawl between off-duty officers and a bartender
 The department rallied behind the indicted even as it scrambled to chart its course through a crisis. Mayor Brown defended the chief he hand-picked in July. Alex Fagan Jr., son of Assistant Chief, and two other officers are accused of attacking two men in a Nov. 20 fracas on Union St. over a bag of steak fajitas

Evening News

  SF City Hall     Indicted Police Chief in Place for Now
  Police commissioners decided in a 2-hour closed session tonight to leave in place Earl Sanders

  San Jose Downtown   Mayor dedicated seven-story garage
  A new parking garage includes a rooftop banquet center with panoramic views

  Vallejo   Music star's uncle sentenced for murder  Dennis McGraw, 55, the uncle of country music star Tim McGraw, was sentenced to life in prison

  SF City Hall     Indicted Officers Turn Themselves In  9 of the 10 turned themselves into the Sheriff's Department and made bail. Police Chief had not turned himself

  Napa Couple run against each other  Married couple James and Elizabeth Clark are two of six people running for school board seat

  Oakland Meerkat Babies Debut at Zoo  5 furry little meerkats were born late last month in an underground tunnel

  HP New Media Center PC  Hewlett-Packard will introduce a new version of its media center personal computer in the next few weeks

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