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Business Main Event: Wireless Computer Chips...
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03-12 Wireless Computer Chips Unveiled Intel
2. 03-12 David Yarnold named editor SJ Mercury News
D. 03-12 Man died after gulping 14 grams of meth West San Jose
4. 03-12 Altera Shares Rise San Jose
F. 03-12 Assistant police chief to run department SF City Hall
6. 03-12 Emergency Drill SJC
H. 03-12 Police searching bay for Laci Peterson Richmond
I. 03-12 Education Secretary Speaks at meeting Palo Alto
9. 03-12 Citations over the death of worker Golden Gate Bridge


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Morning News

Mar.12   Intel   Wireless Computer Chips Unveiled
  Chips promise to make wireless Internet access a standard feature on laptops

  SJ Mercury News   David Yarnold named editor  Managing Editor Susan Goldberg will succeed Yarnold as executive editor

  West San Jose   Man died after gulping 14 grams of meth  A 20-year-old tried to hide methamphetamine as an officer approached him during a drug sting

  San Jose Altera Shares Rise  Analysts raised earnings estimates after the programmable chipmaker increased its first-quarter revenue outlook

Day News

  SF City Hall     Assistant police chief to run department
  After prosecutors dropped a felony conspiracy charge against him, Alex Fagan Sr. returned to run a 2,300-member dept.

  SJC     Emergency Drill  The full-scale exercise tested plans that would be used in the event of a plane crash with mass casualties

  Richmond     Police searching bay for Laci Peterson  Detective confirmed the offshore search, but called it a routine event

  Palo Alto Education Secretary Speaks at meeting  Rod Paige told the Commonwealth Club that federal aid to education has never been greater

  Golden Gate Bridge Citations over the death of worker  State job safety inspectors have issued 4 citations against a contractor on the retrofit project

  San Francisco Former school district official pleads guilty  Desmond McQuoid, 47, and a computer supply company have pleaded guilty to mail fraud charges

Evening News

  San Francisco     Fans who fought over Bonds' ball call a tie  Alex Popov and Patrick Hayashi agreed to hire a firm to sell the valuable souvenir and then split the proceeds

  Fremont Soldier's deployment delayed  A restraining order against Denny Day Jr. prohibited him from being issued a gun

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