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B. 03-13 Man shot dead East Oakland
2. 03-13 3-alarm structure fire Santa Rosa
3. 03-13 Officer Bitten, Dog Shot San Francisco
E. 03-13 Independent investigation into brawl SF City Hall
03-13 10 injured on flight from Hawaii SFO
G. 03-13 First-quarter profit beats expectations Adobe
H. 03-13 PG&E loses bid to raise revenues PG&E
I. 03-13 Federal probe dropped SF City Hall
J. 03-13 VaxGen stock soars on forecast Brisbane


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Morning News

Mar.13   East Oakland   Man shot dead  The victim was discovered at around 4:40 a.m

  Santa Rosa   3-alarm structure fire  The fire began on the first floor of a 2-story complex, damaging several apartment units

  San Francisco   Officer Bitten, Dog Shot  An officer was attacked by a dog in a homeless encampment. The attack involved 2 other dogs

  SF City Hall Independent investigation into brawl  Commissioners would sponsor an independent investigation into the off-duty officer fight

Day News

  SFO   10 injured on flight from Hawaii
  A United Airlines flight hit turbulence and plunged suddenly. 5 flight attendants were slammed into the jet's ceiling

  Adobe   First-quarter profit beats expectations  For the 3 months the company earned $54.2 million, or 23 cents per share, on sales of $296.9 million

  PG&E PG&E loses bid to raise revenues  State power regulators denied a request for a $96 million revenue increase to offset the costs

  SF City Hall Federal probe dropped  A probe into whether former Assessor Ward used taxpayer money to help fund her re-election campaign has been dropped

  Brisbane VaxGen stock soars on forecast  The beleaguered biotechnology company improved its revenue forecast by 24%

Evening News

  UC Berkeley Cheaters don't make the grade  Business school is on the lookout for ethics-challenged applicants, running background checks on prospective students

  Los Gatos Soccer coach charged with lewd conduct  45-year-old girls' soccer coach has been charged with two felony counts of lewd conduct with a 15-year-old and sexual battery

  South San Jose 7,300 customers were without power  A palm branch fell and broke a power line

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