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03-14 12-year-old girl abducted Richmond
C. 03-14 $500,000 in damage after 2-alarm fire San Mateo
D. 03-14 Gag Order Denied in SFPD Indictments SF City Hall
E. 03-14 North Korean delegation UC Berkeley
F. 03-14 Protesters try to shut Stock Exchange SF Downtown
6. 03-14 Bottled water from Hetch Hetchy San Francisco
H. 03-14 Board adjourn in honor of not-dead-yet San Mateo
8. 03-14 Yahoo to Launch Paid Video Service Yahoo
9. 03-14 Commute Bus for San Mateo Bridge San Mateo Bridge


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Morning News

Mar.14   Richmond   12-year-old girl abducted
  A man suspected of abducting Mariela Garcia may be headed to Southern California or Mexico

  San Mateo $500,000 in damage after 2-alarm fire  Fire at Broiler Express restaurant began near the oven and traveled into the walls

Day News

  SF City Hall     Gag Order Denied in SFPD Indictments
  District Attorney tried unsuccessfully to impose a gag order on the police department

  UC Berkeley   North Korean delegation  The North Korean ambassador, academics and government officials met for informal talks to allaying nuclear tensions

  SF Downtown   Protesters try to shut Stock Exchange  Police arrested nearly 70 anti-war protesters. The demonstrators blocked a major intersection in the financial district

  San Francisco Bottled water from Hetch Hetchy  'Hetch Hetchy Mountain Water' will be sold for about $1.25 a bottle at the city's 3 souvenir shops

  San Mateo Board adjourn in honor of not-dead-yet  San Mateo supervisors adjourned in memory of Roland Giannini, a former assessor. Giannini was alive and well

  Yahoo Yahoo to Launch Paid Video Service  Yahoo will launch offering that combine streaming coverage of news, entertainment and live sporting events

  San Mateo Bridge Commute Bus for San Mateo Bridge  A new express Line M will operate 14 times a day in each direction

  Rohnert Park UPS Driver Saves Baby After Crash  Jennifer Irwin and her 16-month-old son, Daniel, were carjacked. Shane Doeckel of Santa Rosa has been charged

Evening News

  Marin County   Maximum term in son's death  Judge concluded that Wright's lifestyle was resulted in the starvation death of one of Wright's children

  San Jose 2 Attorneys Charged with Fraud  Charles Kavalaris, 58, and Rene Fernando, 50, have been charged in connection with an alleged insurance fraud

  Oracle Arena Mavericks 116, Warriors 114  Najera hit a short jumper with 3 seconds remaining

  East Oakland 100 marijuana plants confiscated  Man is in custody after search warrant was served at man's home

  Richmond Dogs owner sentenced on drug charges  Benjamin Moore, whose 3 pit bulls mauled a boy as he rode his bicycle, was sentenced to almost 7 years in prison

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