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Crime Main Event: Peace Activists Converge
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1. 03-15 Abducted Richmond girl found in LA Richmond
C. 03-15 200 Firefighters Battle Apartment Blaze San Francisco
03-15 Peace Activists Converge SF Downtown
4. 03-15 CA to Pay $1 Million to Child Molester San Jose
F. 03-15 Ad agency loses contract because it faxed San Francisco
G. 03-15 Sharks 3, Flames 2 SJ Arena


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Morning News

Mar.15   Richmond   Abducted Richmond girl found in LA  Marcelino Benitez, suspected of abducting 12-year-old Mariela Garcia was arrested by CHP

  San Francisco   200 Firefighters Battle Apartment Blaze  The fire began on one of the lower floors. 2 firefighters suffered minor burns battling the 4-alarm blaze

Day News

  SF Downtown   Peace Activists Converge
  Anti war march and rally are crucial with a possible United Nations vote coming next week

  San Jose CA to Pay $1 Million to Child Molester  Program is to keep Brian DeVries fed, clothed, housed, counseled and watched over over the next year

Evening News

  San Francisco Ad agency loses contract because it faxed  Foote, Cone and Belding was disqualified from the compeition to handle the lottery's ads

  SJ Arena Sharks 3, Flames 2  Toskala is stopping the first penalty shot he ever faced

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