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1. 03-18 Police involved in standoff Santa Clara
2. 03-18 Man found murdered in residence Berkeley
D. 03-18 A's Japan Trip Cancelled Oakland
E. 03-18 Fire Department Temporarily Moving Vallejo
F. 03-18 Rep. Barbara Lee: This is a needless war Berkeley
G. 03-18 St. Patrick's party at dark SF Downtown
03-18 Revenue slump ended, earnings higher Oracle
8. 03-18 Trial ordered in transgender teen's killing Newark
J. 03-18 Possible job cuts discussed SF Chronicle


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Morning News

Mar.18   Santa Clara   Police involved in standoff  A man has holed himself up in a room after allegedly stabbing 3 people at Denny's restaurant

  Berkeley   Man found murdered in residence  A 32-year-old man was apparently killed a week earlier. The body marked with bullet wounds

  Oakland A's Japan Trip Cancelled  Major League Baseball cancelled the season-opening series with the Seattle Mariners

  Vallejo Fire Department Temporarily Moving  Department's administration will move to a building on Mare island while earthquake retrofit work is performed

  Berkeley Rep. Barbara Lee: This is a needless war  Lee, responded directly to Bush's point in a prepared statement, saying 'Inspections and engagement were working'

  SF Downtown St. Patrick's party at dark  Blackout was caused by a metallic balloon that caught on a transformer

Day News

  Oracle   Revenue slump ended, earnings higher
  Business software maker delivered its first sales gains in two years

  Newark   Trial ordered in transgender teen's killing  3 men were ordered to stand trial for the slaying after a judge rejected arguments that the killing was a crime of passion

  SF Chronicle   Possible job cuts discussed  The newly appointed publisher Steven B. Falk told labor leaders that the newspaper may need to prune 500 jobs

  Menlo Park Geron's stock soars on research news  The experimental cancer vaccine showed promise in fighting all types of the disease

  SF City Hall Police Commission to hire investigator  The Commission agreed to begin its search for an 'independent, unbiased' investigator to look handling of a street fight

  Oakland Downtown Matson moves from SF to Oakland  An ocean carrier has been San Francisco based since 1882

Evening News

  Golden Gate Bridge     Random searches of trucks
  The CHP will put all of its officers on 12-hour shifts, as well as sending up aircraft

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