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B. 03-19 Computer Thieves South SF
C. 03-19 Girl, 13, Arrested for Purse Snatching SF Bayview
D. 03-19 Trucks screening by CHP South SF
03-19 Protestors Shut Down Market Street SF Downtown
5. 03-19 Gore joins board of Apple Apple
6. 03-19 Kaiser Center sold for $100 million Oakland Downtown
7. 03-19 Yahoo Closes Inktomi Acquisition Yahoo
8. 03-19 Original iMac Retired as Sales Slacken Apple
J. 03-19 Tearful Goodbye for National Guard Unit Pittsburg


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Morning News

Mar.19   South SF Computer Thieves  Police are searching for 3 men involved in the theft of computer memory modules from a warehouse

  SF Bayview Girl, 13, Arrested for Purse Snatching  A girl was booked in juvenile hall after snatching the purse of an 82-year-old woman

  South SF Trucks screening by CHP  The random checks are the part of a heightened state of security

Day News

  SF Downtown   Protestors Shut Down Market Street
  Anti-war rally organizers urged demonstrators to disrupt the daily business of the city in the event of war with Iraq

  Apple     Gore joins board of Apple
  Former Vice President popularized the 'information superhighway'. Gore fills a seat left vacant by Oracle chief executive Ellison

  Oakland Downtown   Kaiser Center sold for $100 million  28-story tower has been sold to a Southern California company Summit Commercial Properties of Los Angeles

  Yahoo Yahoo Closes Inktomi Acquisition  Yahoo first said it would buy Inktomi for $235 million in a move to strengthen its position in the Web search industry

  Apple Original iMac Retired as Sales Slacken  Apple was immediately ending production of the a gumdrop-shaped computer that came in myriad colors

  Pittsburg Tearful Goodbye for National Guard Unit  The 126 members of the 870th military police company left the armory

Evening News

  Millbrae   Fatal wrong-way interstate pursuit  Joseph Boldt, 20, ran a stop sign, then took off when police tried to pull him over

  SJC Airport to Implement Security Measures  The new Transportation Security Administration measures include inspecting all large vehicles

  Oracle Arena Warriors 105, SuperSonics 99  Jamison had 28 points and 12 rebounds

  SF City Hall Judge unseals jury transcript in SFPD case  Ksenia Tsenin has agreed to unseal the transcript of the grand jury proceedings that led to the indictment of police chief

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