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Crime Main Event: New Asian Art Museum Set T...
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03-02 New Asian Art Museum Set To Open SF Downtown
2. 03-02 Man fatally shot 71 Brookdale Ave, San Francisco
D. 03-02 Man died after being struck by Muni bus Golden Gate Park
4. 03-02 Sizzler restaurant robbed Santa Rosa
5. 03-02 Attorney arrested San Quentin
G. 03-02 Centrino wireless initiative Intel
7. 03-02 Cops Nab Suspected Child Molester South SF
8. 03-02 Mayor wants bring case into open court SF City Hall


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Morning News

Mar.2   SF Downtown   New Asian Art Museum Set To Open
  The old museum in Golden Gate Park was closed due to seismic concerns

  San Francisco   Man fatally shot Map of 71 Brookdale Ave San Francisco  4:30 a.m. near 71 Brookdale Ave.,

  Golden Gate Park   Man died after being struck by Muni bus  The man was dragged a long distance before the bus stopped

  Santa Rosa Sizzler restaurant robbed  3 suspects allegedly used handguns and masks to rob a Sizzler restaurant

  San Quentin Attorney arrested  Jon Linden Hagans, apparently angered by a long wait, began jabbing a female guard in the chest and yelling at her

Day News

  Intel Centrino wireless initiative  Intel Corp. ushers a new technology built from the ground up for mobile computing

  South SF Cops Nab Suspected Child Molester  Ronald Delacruz, 33, suspected of child sexual assault is being arrested at a motel

Evening News

  SF City Hall     Mayor wants bring case into open court  Willie Brown said if he was the district attorney, he would dismiss the felony indictments

  Bay Area Bridges     More FasTrak Lanes To Coming  On the Bay Bridge the stripes for lanes have to be changed to accommodate FasTrak lanes

  SF City Hall Police struggles with officer misconduct  The department has often allowed officers to stay on the job even after citizen investigators found misconduct

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