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Business Main Event: Demonstrations cause ma...
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1. 03-20 Cisco to acquire Linksys for $500 million Cisco
C. 03-20 Suicide by jumping from bridge Golden Gate Bridge
D. 03-20 Anti-war protesters Santa Rosa
E. 03-20 Anti-War Protestors Chain Themselves SF Downtown
03-20 Demonstrations cause mayhem SF Downtown
6. 03-20 Solectron to cut 12,000 jobs Milpitas
7. 03-20 Intuit warns of sales slowdown Mountain View
I. 03-20 Officers arresting demonstrators UC Berkeley
9. 03-20 Chiron names new chief executive Emeryville


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Morning News

Mar.20   Cisco   Cisco to acquire Linksys for $500 million  Cisco Systems is jumping into the burgeoning wired and wireless home networking market

  Golden Gate Bridge   Suicide by jumping from bridge  44-year-old Alarab, who was of Iraqi descent, was reportedly expressing his personal opposition to a war

  Santa Rosa Anti-war protesters  200 people gathered at Courthouse Square to protest the war against Iraq

  SF Downtown Anti-War Protestors Chain Themselves  30 protesters have been arrested and firefighters are trying to use buzz-saws to cut through the chains

Day News

  SF Downtown   Demonstrations cause mayhem
  Police arrested 1,025 people. Marchers paralyzed the evening commute by dashing up ramps

  Milpitas   Solectron to cut 12,000 jobs

  Mountain View   Intuit warns of sales slowdown  Software said its earnings will range from $1.30 to $1.35 per share

  UC Berkeley   Officers arresting demonstrators  Police were moving in to break up a sit-in at the school. The city was also holding a protest, march, and candlelight vigil

  Emeryville   Chiron names new chief executive  Biotechnology company appointed former GlaxoSmithKline Plc executive Howard Pien its new CEO and president

  Intel Intel Sees Future in Robots  Intel is working with students and professors on research on embedding its chips into smaller devices and substances

  Oakland Port Labor strife resurfaces  The negotiations for a new contract, which expired last July, affects 73 security guards

  SJSU Peaceful Protest  Several dozen anti-war protesters marched across the campus. Some students also walked out of class

  Oakland Kidnapper pleads innocent to buying boy  Kenneth Parnell pleaded innocent to charges he sought to buy a boy for $500 last year

  Apple Additional Independent Director  Apple was searching for an additional board member. Employees would swap out of existing stock options plans

Evening News

  SF Downtown Critical Mass Members Arrested  10 anti-war protesters were arrested as they tried to block traffic at the offramp to the Bay Bridge

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