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Crime Main Event: Anti-War Protests in front...
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03-24 Anti-War Protests in front of Transamerica SF Downtown
2. 03-24 Died after being shot SF Mission
D. 03-24 Died after car accident
4. 03-24 Man found decapitated Pacifica
5. 03-24 Commanders seek charges dismissed SF City Hall
G. 03-24 Sit-In SFSU
7. 03-24 Bridge Possible Terrorist Target San Mateo Bridge
I. 03-24 Ribbons of Support Pleasanton
J. 03-24 Walden House CEO committed suicide Oakland


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Morning News

Mar.24   SF Downtown     Anti-War Protests in front of Transamerica
  Other groups were forming in Union Square and the Bechtel headquarters

  SF Mission   Died after being shot  Homicide occurred near 18th and Capp streets

  Highway 101 Died after car accident  One person died on southbound U.S. Highway 101

Day News

  Pacifica   Man found decapitated
  A body found wrapped in a garbage bag along the coast near Devil's Slide

  SF City Hall     Commanders seek charges dismissed  Lawyers for five police commanders asked to have obstruction charges dismissed

  SFSU   Sit-In  Hundreds of students skipped the first day of spring-session classes for an anti-war rally

  San Mateo Bridge     Bridge Possible Terrorist Target  A senior al-Qaida leader captured in Pakistan told interrogators that the Bridge was a potential target

  Pleasanton   Ribbons of Support  2 dozen yellow banners and flags carriy the names of a soldiers in Iraq

  Oakland   Walden House CEO committed suicide  Police found Alfonso Acampora, 61, dead of a single gunshot wound to the head at the Claremont Resort & Spa

  Oakland Port Negotiations Back on After Strike  Negotiations are between security guards for the Port of Oakland and the Pacific Maritime Association

  SF Downtown 100 protesters arrested  Noisy student demonstrators crowding the hallways of an administration building at San Francisco State University

  Burlingame Driver killed  Linda Young, 43, was intoxicated as she drove, causing her to swerve into Daniel Anthony Britt, 33

Evening News

  San Francisco   2 more homicides Map of 77 San Francisco
  8 p.m. in the 1200 block of Evans Ave.; 9 p.m. at 77 Blythedale Ave.

  SJ Arena Lightning 4, Sharks 1  Khabibulin made 34 saves

  San Francisco 57 months in prison for mail fraud  Mamie Tang, 53, ordered to pay about $12 million in restitution stemming from a fraudulent private securities offering

  SF Mission Man shot in chest  Shooting occurred about 10 p.m. near Duboce Avenue and Woodward Street

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