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B. 03-25 2 men arrested for murder Antioch
2. 03-25 Clinic gets $120,000 grant East San Jose
03-25 Demonstrations cost city $1 million a day SF City Hall
4. 03-25 Levi Strauss posts loss in first quarter San Francisco
F. 03-25 Woman from Hong Kong contracted SARS San Jose
G. 03-25 Judge Dismisses PETA Lawsuit San Francisco
H. 03-25 Technology Blocks GPS Interference Stanford
I. 03-25 Veterans memorial will cost 44% more SF City Hall
9. 03-25 Hetch Hetchy Mountain Water available San Francisco


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Morning News

Mar.25   Antioch   2 men arrested for murder  Adnan Khan, 19, and Rick Page, 21, allegedly stabbed and killed a 19-year-old Kevin McNutt

  East San Jose Clinic gets $120,000 grant  The Pacific Free Clinic is serving low-income Asian patients and operated by Stanford

Day News

  SF City Hall   Demonstrations cost city $1 million a day
  Organizers were shifting their tactics by attempting to target specific businesses

  San Francisco   Levi Strauss posts loss in first quarter  Jeans maker lost $24.5 million, reflecting a more severe sales slowdown than management anticipated

  San Jose   Woman from Hong Kong contracted SARS  The 37-year-old woman is third case in the county. Her traveling companion was hospitalized last week

  San Francisco Judge Dismisses PETA Lawsuit  PETA had filed the lawsuit on the basis that the 'Happy Cow' ad campaign was false advertising

  Stanford Technology Blocks GPS Interference  Graduate student Frank Bauregger has invented an antenna for receivers on planes that blocks jamming

  SF City Hall Veterans memorial will cost 44% more  Designer Cliff Garten said the $1 million construction budget is not enough

  San Francisco Hetch Hetchy Mountain Water available  The first bottle from the reservoir in the Sierra Nevada was purchased for $1.25 by Mayor Willie Brown

  San Jose City Hall 200 Rally Ove Budget Cut  Nonprofit organizations are concerned that Gonzales will cut more than $10 million in funding for programs

  SF City Hall Anti-war groups accuse police  Representatives from about a dozen groups gathered to decry police tactics during demonstrations

Evening News

  SF Downtown   2 pedestrians injured, man lost legs  The victims are being taken to SF General Hospital

  San Francisco Parents Angry with Student Placement  Hundreds of parents alleged misplacement of students from their neighborhood schools to other city schools

  Mountain View 2-alarm fire caused $200,000 damage  Firefighters found 2 vehicles on fire in an extended apartment building

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