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B. 03-27 Attorney accused police officers SF City Hall
2. 03-27 3-alarm fire sent 7 people to hospital Daly City
D. 03-27 Agency Approves New Leases San Jose Downtown
4. 03-27 Man threatening to jump from building South San Jose
03-27 Bank robber opened fire on officer Daly City
G. 03-27 Mt. Diablo Plaza sold Walnut Creek
H. 03-27 Gap hires eToys founder to run division San Francisco
I. 03-27 Students March in Anti-War Protest SF Downtown
9. 03-27 Elephant lost calf Vallejo


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Morning News

Mar.27   SF City Hall     Attorney accused police officers  The attorney for the indicted deputy police chief has accused witnesses of plotting to bring down the command staff

  Daly City   3-alarm fire sent 7 people to hospital  Firefighters find a fourth floor apartment unit fully engulfed in flames

  San Jose Downtown Agency Approves New Leases  Redevelopment Agency has approved leases for two new stores, Artist & Craftsman Supply and Circle-A

  South San Jose Man threatening to jump from building  Police and fire negotiators are talking to a man who is threatening to jump from a 70-foot building on a construction site

Day News

  Daly City   Bank robber opened fire on officer
  Police believe James Hughes, 43, robbed a Bank America branch at gunpoint. The manhunt failed to turn him up

  Walnut Creek Mt. Diablo Plaza sold  317,000-square-foot office complex, has been bought by KBS Realty Advisors for $60 million, or $190 per square foot

  San Francisco Gap hires eToys founder to run division  Clothing retailer has entrusted its online division to 41-year-old Edward 'Toby' Lenk

  SF Downtown Students March in Anti-War Protest  Dozens of students from Oakland's Ascend School marched along Market Street while playing recordings of fighter jets

  Vallejo Elephant lost calf  African elephant Misha expecting her first baby at Marine World, lost the calf after a 22-month gestation

Evening News

  San Francisco     Security spending higher than L.A.'s  City has spent more on homeland security than any other city besides New York since the war in Iraq started

  South San Jose   Man Critical After Jumping Off Silo  The man jumped after dangling from the perch for about 12 hours as he threatened suicide

  SF City Hall Day Laborer Group Sues City  The contract was awarded to another group following a protest against police practices

  SF Sunset Shooting  Vctim suffered minor injuries

  SJ Arena Sharks 3, Red Wings 0  Toskala made 25 saves

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