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B. 03-03 Prosecutor shocked at police indictments SF City Hall
2. 03-03 3rd-quarter revenue guidance lowered Palm
D. 03-03 Arrested after alleged injury accident San Bruno
4. 03-03 Up-Front Ad Deal with USA Network Yahoo
03-03 Police chief takes medical leave SF City Hall
G. 03-03 Fong in Line to Run SFPD SF City Hall
H. 03-03 Police warns carousers San Jose Downtown
I. 03-03 Hallinan defends grand jury on indictments SF City Hall
9. 03-03 Chronicle replaces publisher SF Chronicle


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Morning News

Mar.3   SF City Hall     Prosecutor shocked at police indictments  Indicting the Police top commanders felt like dropping the legal version of a nuclear bomb, Terence Hallinan said

  Palm 3rd-quarter revenue guidance lowered  Handheld computer is citing lower demand for its high-end products in the United States

  San Bruno Arrested after alleged injury accident  Nicholas Tuite, 18, was arrested after allegedly causing an injury accident while under the influence of alcohol

  Yahoo Up-Front Ad Deal with USA Network  Ads for USA shows like 'Monk' and original movies like 'Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story' will appear on Yahoo sites

Day News

  SF City Hall     Police chief takes medical leave
  Earl Sanders won't step aside. Most of the city's top police commanders stepped down

  SF City Hall     Fong in Line to Run SFPD
  The Police Department was on the verge of having its first woman ever in charge

  San Jose Downtown   Police warns carousers  Police warns those who plan to celebrate Mardi Gras to behave or face arrest

  SF City Hall     Hallinan defends grand jury on indictments  District Attorney is saying 'no one in San Francisco is above the law'.

  SF Chronicle   Chronicle replaces publisher  John Oppedahl replaced. Steven Falk, the chief operating officer, was taking the post

  San Jose Calpine restatement to wipe out $52m  Embattled power producer said an accounting change will wipe out some profits reported during the past 3 years

  San Jose Child molester to remain in hospital  Brian DeVries, 44, will be released from a mental hospital as soon as someone is hired to monitor him

Evening News

  SF City Hall   6 top police officers step down
  Mayor's office has announced that the Asst. Chief Fagan and 5 others in the command staff agreed to step aside

  South San Jose Dui Trial Being Held at High School  County's Traffic Safe Communities Network brings an actual DUI trial to the campus of Pioneer High School

  SFO AirTrain rail system got official sendoff  Passengers can take the 2-car trains to the terminals, the rental car, short-term parking, and the BART terminal

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