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B. 03-31 Man allegedly slashed police officer Piedmont
2. 03-31 Adobe takes aim on DVD market Adobe
D. 03-31 Festival commemorating Cesar Chavez SF Downtown
4. 03-31 New High-End Switch Parts Cisco
5. 03-31 New Joint Venture with Fujitsu AMD
03-31 High Grad Confirmed Dead in Iraq Santa Rosa
H. 03-31 City's first case of flu-like mystery illness San Francisco
8. 03-31 Calpine Electricity Plant Fires Up North San Jose
J. 03-31 SFPD Told to Take Off US Flag Headwear San Francisco


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Morning News

Mar.31   Piedmont   Man allegedly slashed police officer  20-year-old man allegedly turned around and slashed the officer with a knife in the upper thigh and arm

  Adobe Adobe takes aim on DVD market  A new program, called 'Encore,' designed to make it easier to customize the discs on a personal computer

  SF Downtown Festival commemorating Cesar Chavez  Several thousand people marched to Civic Center Plaza for a festival commemorating the life of labor leader

  Cisco New High-End Switch Parts  New modules for Catalyst 6500 switches will offer faster speeds using 10-gigabit ethernet technology

  AMD New Joint Venture with Fujitsu  New company would boost the AMD's stake in an existing partnership, according to a published report

Day News

  Santa Rosa   High Grad Confirmed Dead in Iraq
  Lance Corporal Patrick O'Day, 20, died when his tank fell into the Eurphrates River. His wife is expecting a child

  San Francisco   City's first case of flu-like mystery illness
  The person who fell ill remained hospitalized in good condition and was expected to recover

  North San Jose   Calpine Electricity Plant Fires Up  Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility was fired up just two years after it was first proposed

  San Francisco   SFPD Told to Take Off US Flag Headwear  Top brass found out that some officers were wearing American flag scarves on their heads

  eBay   PayPal Accused of Violating Patriot Act  A federal prosecutor has alleged eBay unit provided payment services to online gambling companies

  SJSU Coach arrested on molestation charges  The women's diving coach William Boos, 57, is in custody on $250,000 bail

  eBay Options Cost Would Cut 2002 Profit 75%  Net profit would have been $62.9 million if it had used the fair-value method for figuring the cost of stock options

Evening News

  San Jose State Anti-terrorism Training Program  Fire Department will host a program to provide basic response training to more than 30,000 California firefighters

  San Jose Police Locate Missing 11-year-old  Mentally challenged was found at about 11 p.m. at a local Safeway supermarket

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