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Crime Main Event: Regular fuel costs average...
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B. 03-05 Bags of Concrete Blocking 101 Lanes San Francisco
2. 03-05 20 arrested in Mardi Gras celebration San Jose Downtown
D. 03-05 New Sidewalks for Students East San Jose
03-05 Regular fuel costs average $2.19 a gallon San Francisco
F. 03-05 Acting police chief reassures citizens SF City Hall
6. 03-05 Car-to-car shooting kills one West Oakland
7. 03-05 Shot several times after argument North Oakland
I. 03-05 Students Protest Against Looming War SJSU
J. 03-05 FTC block merger, Dreyer's stock plummets, Oakland


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Morning News

Mar.5   Highway 101   Bags of Concrete Blocking 101 Lanes Map of Interstate 101 San Francisco  Bags of concrete may have fallen off a truck are blocking the middle lanes on southbound U.S. Highway 101

  San Jose Downtown 20 arrested in Mardi Gras celebration  Most of those arrested were young men mainly charged with being drunk in public

  East San Jose New Sidewalks for Students  The sidewalks were created to provide elementary and middle school students a safer walking experience

Day News

  San Francisco   Regular fuel costs average $2.19 a gallon
  In Oakland, gas averages $2.09 a gallon, San Jose has hit $2.08. Statewide, the average price is $2.04

  SF City Hall     Acting police chief reassures citizens
  Heather Fong assured San Franciscans that officers will continue to do their jobs

  West Oakland   Car-to-car shooting kills one  One person died and 5 people were injured. One of the car slammed into a third car carrying a family

  North Oakland   Shot several times after argument  35-year-old Stacy Alexander was shot around 11:30pm near 54th and Dover

  SJSU   Students Protest Against Looming War  About 150 to 200 students walked out of their classrooms. Protests were also held at Stanford, U.C. Berkeley

  Oakland   FTC block merger, Dreyer's stock plummets,  Shares down 15% after feds announced they will seek to block a $2.8 billion merger with Nestle

  Antioch Study to bring pro baseball  Members of the City Council have approved $100,000 for a feasibility study

  San Francisco Art schools call off merger talks  The Art Institute and the California College of Arts and Crafts had planned to form a new school

  SF City Hall Changes at the Top of the SFPD  The new team takes over after 10 members of the SFPD were arraigned on criminal charges

  Livermore Teen's Husband Arrested for Her Murder  Police have arrested 3 people in connection to the mysterious slaying of Jenna Simons

  Apple Subscription music service to be launched  The service would allow users to buy and download digital music for Macintosh computers or iPod portable players

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