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Crime Main Event: 2 SF students dead in Mont...
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03-06 2 SF students dead in Monterey County San Francisco
C. 03-06 Students cut class to protest possible war war' to march up market street, San Francisco
D. 03-06 eBay plans to shut down eBay
4. 03-06 Parnell ordered to stand trial Oakland
F. 03-06 Warriors 105, Bulls 119 Oracle Arena
6. 03-06 Attorneys Scour SFPD Indictment San Francisco
H. 03-06 Highway 101 will be widened Interstate 101, San Jose, South San Jose
I. 03-06 Sex Distracts Lap-Swimming Penguins SF Zoo
9. 03-06 Transcripts: uncertainty of conspiracy SF City Hall


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Morning News

Mar.6   San Francisco   2 SF students dead in Monterey County
  The bodies of Mikhail Nikolov and Vladislav Bogomolny from a group on a camping trip were found in a deep gorge

  San Francisco Students cut class to protest possible war  Hundreds of students cut class for the 'National Moratorium to Stop the War' to march up Market Street to City Hall

Day News

  eBay   eBay plans to shut down
  EBay would shut down its fixed-price subsidiary for used books, CDs, videos and other items, in late 2004

  Oakland   Parnell ordered to stand trial  Convicted kidnapper has been ordered to stand trial on new charges he sought to buy a boy for $500 in 2002

  Oracle Arena Warriors 105, Bulls 119  G. Arenas, 9-16, 28 Pts, 6 Rebs, 6 Assists

  San Francisco Attorneys Scour SFPD Indictment  Attorneys have received the transcripts of the grand jury testimony. They hadn't found any 'smoking gun'

  Highway 101 Highway 101 will be widened  First section of the newly-widened highway opens between San Jose and Morgan Hill

  SF Zoo Sex Distracts Lap-Swimming Penguins  The 52 penguins have stopped frantically swimming in circles, and started fooling around instead

Evening News

  SF City Hall   Transcripts: uncertainty of conspiracy
  Prosecutors told a jury they did not have enough evidence to support conspiracy charges against the police chief

  Intel   First-quarter revenue forecast narrowed  Demand for microprocessors has been stronger than expected while sales of its flash memory chips have been weaker

  San Francisco   Brutal sexual assault  Registered sex offender Danny Fontana, 47, is suspected of assaulting a woman he lured to a residential hotel

  SJ Arena Sharks 4, Canadiens 3 OT  Sturm scored 2 goals

  South SF Family displaced after 2-alarm fire  The fire broke out about 6 p.m. in the wall of an upstairs bathroom and spread to the attic

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