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Crime Main Event: 91st Army Division Called ...
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1. 03-07 Man stabbed 4 members of his family Santa Rosa
C. 03-07 24,600 homes without power SF Mission
D. 03-07 Schools suspended from taking trips San Francisco
E. 03-07 Stock Dips as Price Hike Backfires Intel
F. 03-07 70-year-old man found wandering South SF
03-07 91st Army Division Called to Duty Dublin
7. 03-07 D.A. prosecuting police despite doubts SF City Hall
I. 03-07 Possible Extention to BART Line Pleasanton
9. 03-07 2 men guilty of murder and robbery Martinez


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Morning News

Mar.7   Santa Rosa   Man stabbed 4 members of his family  Deceased suspect, 46-year-old Norman Leland, suffered 3 or 4 cuts during the bloody and chaotic events

  SF Mission   24,600 homes without power  Customers in the Mission District, Noe Valley, Twin Peaks are affected

  San Francisco Schools suspended from taking trips  Following the deaths of 2 17-year-old students, all schools are suspended from taking future wilderness trips

  Intel Stock Dips as Price Hike Backfires  Shares fell more than 3%, after the company said it was losing market share due to price hikes in flash memory

  South SF 70-year-old man found wandering  Hong Gao can't remember where he lives

Day News

  Dublin   91st Army Division Called to Duty
  Division, made up of 1500 soldiers, mobilized for the first time in 62 years

  SF City Hall D.A. prosecuting police despite doubts  Hallinan is ready to go to trial even though he told grand jurors he lacked evidence

  Pleasanton Possible Extention to BART Line  Transportation officials are looking at the possibility of a 23-mile extension BART extension to Tracy

  Martinez 2 men guilty of murder and robbery  A jury decided the two crimes were not connected

  Fremont Hacking into school's computer  6 students at Mission San Jose High School have been suspended for changing some of their first-semester grades

Evening News

  Richmond   3 Pit Bulls to Be Destroyed  The 3 pit bulls brutally mauled 10-year old Sean Jones a year-and-a-half ago

  Stanford Researchers Set Internet Speed Record  Researchers had found a way to send data more than 3,500 times faster than the typical broadband connection

  San Francisco Rwandan leader speaks about genocide  Rwanda President Paul Kagame urged the international community to draw lessons from the 1994 genocide

  San Francisco Tear Gas Canister Thrown into Bar  Someone reportedly threw a tear gas canister into the Molotov's bar. Patrons had evacuated into a backyard

  Walnut Creek State Revokes License of Acupuncturist  State revokes license of John Kuo-Chiang Lin following his conviction of battery against two female patients

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