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05-01 Girl's body found behind restaurant Castro Valley
2. 05-01 Jesse Jackson to join janitors in rally San Jose
3. 05-01 Levi Strauss turns 150 San Francisco
E. 05-01 2nd blaze in apartment complex Sunnyvale
5. 05-01 Metallica Plays at Prison San Quentin
6. 05-01 ANG Newspapers lays off 49 employees Oakland
H. 05-01 Explosions to Help Map Earthquake Faults San Jose
I. 05-01 Man dead, wife injured South SF
J. 05-01 Chief defends policies at Riders trial Oakland


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Morning News

May.1   Castro Valley   Girl's body found behind restaurant
  A victim from Mexico whose body was found inside a laundry bag was identified in 2006 as Yesenia Becerra Nungaray, 16
 An autopsy determined girl died of asphyxiation after a rag was stuffed down her throat. Yesenia left Mexico on her 16th birthday to come to the San Francisco Bay area

  San Jose   Jesse Jackson to join janitors in rally  With no contract settlement reached by midnight deadline, about 7,000 janitors plan to rally

  San Francisco Levi Strauss turns 150  Famous maker of 501s for the last 6 years has been reeling from declining sales

  Sunnyvale 2nd blaze in apartment complex  Fire officials say fire is coincidental. Blaze started just across the hall from the scene of the previous blaze

Day News

  San Quentin   Metallica Plays at Prison
  The group was performing a free concert and is also donating $10,000 to the baseball team

  Oakland   ANG Newspapers lays off 49 employees  7 percent of work force was laid off from the 6 community newspapers

  San Jose   Explosions to Help Map Earthquake Faults  A drill rig is boring 14 holes 50 feet deep

  South SF   Man dead, wife injured  76-year-old Robert Orozco's son found him dead in his home. 67-year-old Julie Orozco suffered multiple fractures

  Oakland   Chief defends policies at Riders trial  Police Chief Word defended his department's aggressive policies as he testified in the trial of former officers

  San Jose Infant Found with Pot in His System  A 17-month-old has been hospitalized with marijuana in his system. The child was in the care of a nanny

  Pac Bell Park Cubs 5, Giants 1, 10 innings  Gonzalez hit his first 2 home runs of the season

  San Jose Woman dies after run over by forklift  Victim was walking down a corridor when an employee driving a large forklift drove over her

Evening News

  San Francisco Dept of Public Health to eliminate 400 jobs  Positions may come from laying off half the staff of primary care clinics to accommodate a $40 million cut

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