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B. 05-14 Set of security keys lost Livermore Lab
C. 05-14 Man charged in dog's attack on boy Fremont
D. 05-14 Shot three times Richmond
4. 05-14 Big-rig truck overturns, one injured
05-14 Woman dies after attack on trail Concord
G. 05-14 Ex-Red Herring editor to launch magazine San Francisco
7. 05-14 Cows at ranch run off cliff Marin County
8. 05-14 Hole on I-880 causes traffic jam East Oakland
J. 05-14 Democratic chairman McAuliffe rallies San Francisco


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Morning News

May.14   Livermore Lab   Set of security keys lost
  Keys could unlock gates and offices at a nuclear weapons lab. Officials have since changed all locks

  Fremont Man charged in dog's attack on boy  A 27-year-old Mingwei Lee Parks was arrested in connection with the mauling of a 3-year-old Timmy Pham

  Richmond Shot three times  David Blade, 18, is expected to live. 2 suspects allegedly fled on foot

  Highway 580 Big-rig truck overturns, one injured  The truck drove off I-580 and down an embankment where it overturned

Day News

  Concord   Woman dies after attack on trail
  Kathleen Aiello-Loreck, 49, of Antioch, was fatally attacked on a well-traveled trail during a break from work

  San Francisco   Ex-Red Herring editor to launch magazine  Jason Pontin is set to launch a new biotechnology publication, the Acumen Journal of Sciences

  Marin County   Cows at ranch run off cliff  A dozen Holsteins grazing near Skywalker Ranch apparently got spooked. 2 of the cows were euthanized on the spot

  Highway 880   Hole on I-880 causes traffic jam Map of Interstate 880 Oakland  A large hole on Interstate near the High Street exit caused a miles-long backup that lasted for hours

  San Francisco Democratic chairman McAuliffe rallies  Terry McAuliffe pays a visit to San Francisco to energize party activists

  Mountain View TurboTax will drop anti-piracy feature  Software will dump an unpopular feature that turned out to be more trouble than it was worth

  San Francisco Hospital suspends heart transplantation  The California Pacific Medical Center is citing surgeon shortage

  Apple Online Music Store Sells 2 Million Songs  More than two million songs have been purchased and downloaded from its iTunes Music Store in the 16 days

  Pac Bell Park Expos 6, Giants 3  Vargas worked into the 9th inning

  San Francisco Evidence barred from trial  Prosecutors cannot use statements made to police by a man accused of murdering the son of a senator's son

Evening News

  Sun Talks Over Alleged Infractions  Network computer maker is negotiating with a government to settle allegations of violations of export-control regulations

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