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Business Main Event: Hundreds of Jobs Axed f...
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B. 05-15 Trailer robbery Benicia
05-15 Hundreds of Jobs Axed from Schools Oakland
D. 05-15 Rock Knocks Out Bus Driver on I-80 Richmond
E. 05-15 Police Search for Person of Interest Concord
F. 05-15 South Korean president visits San Francisco
6. 05-15 Web-only annual meetings abandoned Siebel
H. 05-15 Insurance Sting Nets 20 Arrests for Fraud San Francisco
8. 05-15 Intel Capital makes investment in Russia Intel
9. 05-15 Runway expansion in holding pattern SFO


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Morning News

May.15   Benicia Trailer robbery  2 men made off with a 53-foot-long truck full of home appliances. They bound 64-year-old driver with duct tape

Day News

  Oakland   Hundreds of Jobs Axed from Schools
  Anger erupted at an Unified School District Board meeting where hundreds of jobs fell victim to budget cuts

  Richmond   Rock Knocks Out Bus Driver on I-80  A rock slammed through the windshield of a Greyhound. A passenger was able to stop the vehicle safely

  Concord   Police Search for Person of Interest  Investigators released composite drawings of a man in search for answers in a murder mystery

  San Francisco   South Korean president visits  Roh Moo-hyun to have meetings with business leaders and a tour of Silicon Valley

  Siebel Web-only annual meetings abandoned  Siebel Systems abandoned plans to hold a Web-only shareholder meeting that would have limited investor questions

  San Francisco Insurance Sting Nets 20 Arrests for Fraud  Undercover officers visiting 51 body shops and asked workers to give them fraudulent estimates

  Intel Intel Capital makes investment in Russia  Investment division of chip-making giant agreed to invest in Moscow-based ru-Net Holdings

  SFO Runway expansion in holding pattern  A plan to overcome weather-related delays has been put on hold after 4 years and $75 million worth of work

Evening News

  Oakland Downtown Janitors stage one-night walkout  300 janitors staged a walkout as union leaders met with their employers to discuss rising health care costs

  Oakland Indicted for alleged stealing of secrets  Brent Alan Woodward, 32, is accused of allegedly stealing technology trade secrets and attempting to sell them

  Oracle Mor. Stanley Analyst Named as Executive  Charles Phillips will become an executive vice president to focus on corporate strategy, business development

  Pac Bell Park Giants 11, Mets 3  Bonds and Grissom homered

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