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Accidents Main Event: 45 seniors displaced i...
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05-24 45 seniors displaced in overnight fire Belmont
C. 05-24 20 high school students won scholarships San Francisco
D. 05-24 2 armed robbery suspects arrested East Oakland
E. 05-24 Visx gets approval for laser technology Santa Clara
5. 05-24 Woman dies in car crash Hillsborough
G. 05-24 19-year-old killed East Oakland
H. 05-24 Director Calls Fare System Crazy BART
I. 05-24 Royals 3, Athletics 1 Coliseum
J. 05-24 Yarrow delivers address at graduation SFSU


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Morning News

May.24   Belmont   45 seniors displaced in overnight fire
  2 of 3 buildings at the Bonnie Brae Terrace housing facility had to be evacuated because a 6-alarm fire

  San Francisco 20 high school students won scholarships  The Meritus College Fund awards of $12,000 over 4 years were distributed around the city

  East Oakland 2 armed robbery suspects arrested  2300 block of East 14th Street

  Santa Clara Visx gets approval for laser technology  New eye surgery technology corrects nearsightedness and astigmatism

  Hillsborough Woman dies in car crash  Her Volkswagen Jetta went off the roadway and struck a tree

Day News

  East Oakland   19-year-old killed  Victim is dead from multiple gunshot wounds to the head. A suspect is in custody in connection with the murder

  BART   Director Calls Fare System Crazy  While passengers face a 10% hike, at least 2 board members want the fare structure revamped

  Coliseum Royals 3, Athletics 1  Sweeney and Randa hit home runs

  SFSU Yarrow delivers address at graduation  Peter Yarrow is delivering a commencement address that evoked memories of 1960s protests

  Richmond In critical condition after being shot  A 22-year-old Insaeng Inh Xayavong was being shot in the head. He was found in the driver's seat of a stopped car

  Belmont Cigarette blamed for 6-alarm fire  Fire injured 9 and forced the evacuation of 146 residents of a senior home

Evening News

  Alameda   Fire destroys historic Navy building  A building that once served as a training center for Naval pilots was destroyed by a massive fire

  Fremont Man's leg severed in a motorcycle crash  Steven Medeiros was riding his Kawasaki when he lost control and hit a curb

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