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Accidents Main Event: 4.2 Earthquake
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05-25 4.2 Earthquake Santa Rosa
C. 05-25 New dean of the College of Engineering SJSU
D. 05-25 Cartoonist Award ceremony San Francisco
E. 05-25 25th Annual Carnival SF Mission
F. 05-25 Levi's countersues fired employees San Francisco
G. 05-25 Top execs made $1 billion in 2002 San Jose
H. 05-25 Athletics 4, Royals 3, 10 innings Coliseum
I. 05-25 Lifelong Learning Classes UC Berkeley
9. 05-25 Water line burst Pleasant Hill


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Morning News

May.25   Santa Rosa   4.2 Earthquake
  1 mile NNE of Santa Rosa. It was followed minutes later by 2 smaller aftershocks. No damage reported

  SJSU New dean of the College of Engineering  Asian-American woman Belle W.Y. Wei has been named the new dean after a nationwide search

  San Francisco Cartoonist Award ceremony  Matt Groening, creator of 'The Simpsons,' was named Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year

Day News

  SF Mission   25th Annual Carnival
  Dancers, performers, floats and plenty of people beating drums

  San Francisco   Levi's countersues fired employees  2 ex-executives claimed in a lawsuit that they had been fired for refusing to conceal accounting irregularities

  San Jose Top execs made $1 billion in 2002  The total for 754 executives was only about one-fourth of the $3.8 billion in 2001

  Coliseum Athletics 4, Royals 3, 10 innings  Durazo hit a game-tying homer with two outs

  UC Berkeley Lifelong Learning Classes  Classes are designed for people over the age of 50 who want to keep on learning

  Pleasant Hill Water line burst  24-inch water line burst, cutting off water to a number of homes and blocking traffic

Evening News

  Highway 580   One dead, 3 injured in car accident Map of Interstate 580 Dublin  A car on I-580 flipped several times on the roadway before crashing down a 40-foot gully

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