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B. 05-28 4,900 residents affected by outage Livermore
05-28 Librarians, police chief protest Patriot Act Palo Alto
3. 05-28 Software to block Internet file sharing Apple
4. 05-28 $35 million patent verdict against eBay eBay
5. 05-28 Ask Jeeves to shed slumping division Emeryville
G. 05-28 Black Bear Sighted? Western Marin County
H. 05-28 Arrested after pipe bombs found Walnut Creek
I. 05-28 Resolution for reparations bill East Palo Alto
J. 05-28 Died from multiple stab wounds Petaluma


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Morning News

May.28   Livermore 4,900 residents affected by outage  Underground equipment failed

Day News

  Palo Alto     Librarians, police chief protest Patriot Act
  Librarians plan to shred documents as part of their battle against the federal anti-terrorism law

  Apple   Software to block Internet file sharing
  The company issued an update to iTunes after some Macintosh owners used it to swap songs

  eBay   $35 million patent verdict against eBay  The verdict hasn't dented stock price, but might force the online auction giant to tweak its sales format

  Emeryville Ask Jeeves to shed slumping division  Internet search engine provider to sell a business software division to a rival, Kanisa, for $4.25 million

  Western Marin County Black Bear Sighted?  Employees at the Point Reyes Youth Hostel saw American Black Bear rummaging through trash bins

Evening News

  Walnut Creek   Arrested after pipe bombs found  ATF agents arrested a man in front of a UPS store after they discovered 3 bombs in a package that belonged to him

  East Palo Alto   Resolution for reparations bill  The city council has approved a resolution to encourage the Congress to pass a bill to study the effects of slavery

  Petaluma   Died from multiple stab wounds  Jorge Juan Basilio was the victim of a gang-related fatal stabbing at an apartment complex

  Pac Bell Park Giants 10, Diamondbacks 2  Santiago homered twice

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