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05-31 Crockett train collision kills Santa Rosa couple Nantucket restaurant, Crockett
2. 05-31 Missing Oakland Woman Found Union City
D. 05-31 Man shot and killed Richmond
E. 05-31 Shot during a robbery East Oakland
F. 05-31 Fire 4, Earthquakes 1 Spartan Stadium
6. 05-31 Man died in accident Castro Valley
7. 05-31 Couple Killed After Being Struck by Train Crockett
I. 05-31 2 arrested at Ford dealership protest San Francisco
J. 05-31 Officer assaulted during arrest South San Jose


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Morning News

May.31   Crockett   Crockett train collision kills Santa Rosa couple
Map of Nantucket restaurant Crockett
  Bennie Murillo, 75, and Corrine Murillo, 74, died when an Amtrak Capitol Corridor train collided with their car in front of the restaurant

  Union City   Missing Oakland Woman Found
  22-year old Hana Muhammad who disappeared on Wednesday has been found in Union City

  Richmond   Man shot and killed  25-year-old Ronald Louis Daniels had been shot several times in front of a market on West Macdonald Avenue

  East Oakland Shot during a robbery  The shooting occurred just after 3:30 a.m.

Day News

  Spartan Stadium Fire 4, Earthquakes 1  Beasley scored 2 goals

  Castro Valley Man died in accident  40-year-old Surinder Singh died in a 2-vehicle accident on Crow Canyon Road. Singh was in the pickup truck

Evening News

  Crockett   Couple Killed After Being Struck by Train  The husband and wife drove their vehicle around the down crossing gates and onto the tracks

  San Francisco 2 arrested at Ford dealership protest  Environmental and human rights organizations are calling for a boycott of the automaker

  South San Jose Officer assaulted during arrest  Sgt. Rick Williams, attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle made an abrupt u-turn and slammed into police car

  Pac Bell Park Giants 2, Rockies 1  Foppert struck out a career-high 8 batters

  Richmond Red Cross office will close  With donations dropping sharply, the American Red Cross is cutting back its operations in the Bay area

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