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Business Main Event: Students barred from SA...
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B. 05-05 Three died after collision Union City
C. 05-05 Police seize $800,000 worth marijuana Benicia
05-05 Students barred from SARS areas UC Berkeley
4. 05-05 Vice Chairman Coghlan steps down Schwab
5. 05-05 No Near Term Plans for IPO Google
6. 05-05 3Com moving to Massachusetts 3Com
H. 05-05 5-alarm fire damaged businesses Novato
8. 05-05 PeopleSoft announces more Linux support Pleasanton
J. 05-05 Attorneys for Riders grilled Police Chief Oakland


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Morning News

May.5   Union City   Three died after collision Map of alvarado-niles road and the main Union City
  Dodge had driven over the center island and hit the Chevrolet on Alvarado-Niles Road near the main post office

  Benicia     Police seize $800,000 worth marijuana  Police conducted a large-scale bust and warranted searches at 5 addresses

Day News

  UC Berkeley   Students barred from SARS areas
  The University will turn away new students from China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong this summer

  Schwab Vice Chairman Coghlan steps down  John Philip Coghlan, 52, was in charge of its struggling individual investor division

  Google No Near Term Plans for IPO  Chief Executive Eric Schmidt has has no plans right now to go public

Evening News

  3Com   3Com moving to Massachusetts
  Company has stumbled in recent years. Most of it's enterprise networking business is based in Marlborough, Mass.

  Novato   5-alarm fire damaged businesses
  Fire started with a small appliance in the back of a hair salon. The flames moved next door. Firefighter was injured

  Pleasanton PeopleSoft announces more Linux support  PeopleSoft Inc. is teaming with IBM. New Web server for WebSphere application server and eServer xSeries is available

  Oakland Attorneys for Riders grilled Police Chief  Attorneys attempted to convince jurors that the department fired the officers for political reasons

  Campbell Letter forces evacuation of city hall  A letter containing a white powder is forcing the evacuation of the police department and the City Hall

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