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Business Main Event: A's beat Boston 5-1
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B. 10-02 Man shot to death 1800 7th ave, East Oakland
10-02 A's beat Boston 5-1 Coliseum
D. 10-02 Kidnapped woman rescued after 11 days Oakland
E. 10-02 Some jurors say acquitted officers guilty Oakland
5. 10-02 Software Maker NetSuite Plans IPO San Mateo
6. 10-02 Instant Messaging for Business Launched Yahoo
7. 10-02 Ferry Building restoration earned award SF Downtown


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Morning News

Oct.2   East Oakland   Man shot to death Map of 1800 7th ave Oakland  The male adult was gunned down in the 1800 block of 7th Ave. It's the city's 97th homicide of the year

  San Jose VTA: BART to SJ delayed by 12 years  VTA officials predict that, with the current state of the economy the extension likely won't be complete until 2026

Day News

  Coliseum   A's beat Boston 5-1
  Zito put the Athletics in command of the best-of-5 series by striking out 9 over 7 impressive innings

  Oakland   Kidnapped woman rescued after 11 days
  Jennifer McLachlan, 29, was rescued by CHP officers after she was kidnapped from Tracy

  Oakland   Some jurors say acquitted officers guilty  Several jurors from trial said Riders were probably guilty, but internal squabbles on the panel prevented a conviction

  San Mateo Software Maker NetSuite Plans IPO  NetSuite, formerly known as NetLedger expects to become profitable by the first quarter of next year

  Yahoo Instant Messaging for Business Launched  Yahoo Business Messenger instant messaging product integrates the popular WebEx virtual meeting software

Evening News

  SF Downtown Ferry Building restoration earned award  The $100-million restoration of earned an award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation

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