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Crime Main Event: Arnold campaigns with wife
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1. 10-06 Police shoot, kill suspect in his bed East Oakland
2. 10-06 Man found shot to death Oakland Downtown
D. 10-06 Killed in solo vehicle crash
10-06 Arnold campaigns with wife San Jose
F. 10-06 Red Sox advance to ALCS over A's Coliseum
G. 10-06 NetScreen buying Neoteris for $295 m Sunnyvale
7. 10-06 Authorities bust alleged meth ring Contra Costa County
I. 10-06 PeopleSoft raises 3rd-quarter earnings Pleasanton
J. 10-06 Davis greeted by 2,500 firefighters SF Downtown


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Morning News

Oct.6   East Oakland   Police shoot, kill suspect in his bed
  Terrence Mearis, 20, was shot to death by 2 police officers after he allegedly grabbed officer's gun

  Oakland Downtown   Man found shot to death  The shooting brings the total number of homicides so far in 2003 in Oakland to 98

  Highway 24 Killed in solo vehicle crash  A Geo Metro traveling on 24 just lost control and rolled 6 to 7 times, ejecting one of the vehicle's 3 occupants

Day News

  San Jose   Arnold campaigns with wife
  Schwarzenegger took the stage flanked by dozens of beaming women supporters

  Coliseum   Red Sox advance to ALCS over A's
  Martinez pitched 7 gritty innings as the Boston completed a 3-game playoff comeback, beating the Oakland 4-3 in Game 5

  Sunnyvale   NetScreen buying Neoteris for $295 m  Computer network security provider agreed to buy 3.5-year-old Neoteris, a 160-employee company

  Contra Costa County   Authorities bust alleged meth ring  Federal, state and local law enforcement officials are arresting 21 people and confiscating luxury cars and cash

  Pleasanton     PeopleSoft raises 3rd-quarter earnings  Business software maker said its results exceeded management expectations set a month ago

  SF Downtown   Davis greeted by 2,500 firefighters  Firefighters, clad in navy blue 'No Recall' T-shirts, marched in opposition to the recall

  San Francisco LookSmart to Lose Key Microsoft Deal  MSN will end its licensing agreement with LookSmart in January 2004, cutting off LookSmart from its biggest client

  South San Jose Brush fire burned 200 acres  Blaze spread across hilly grasslands and had threatened several homes

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