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Business Main Event: Profits doubled again
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B. 10-08 City voted no on recall San Francisco
10-08 Profits doubled again Yahoo
3. 10-08 Biotech titan posts higher profits Genentech
E. 10-08 Plan to remove large trees from 100 acres SF Presidio
5. 10-08 Intuit apologizes to TurboTax customers Mountain View
G. 10-08 4 drug suspects arrested Berkeley
H. 10-08 Woman missing Oakland
I. 10-08 10-hour standoff ends surrender Concord
J. 10-08 Man rescues woman from oncoming train Palo Alto


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Morning News

Oct.8   San Francisco   City voted no on recall
  The no votes totaled more than 80%

Day News

  Yahoo   Profits doubled again
  Internet giant has more than doubled the profits thanks to a strategy of making more money from fee-based services

  Genentech   Biotech titan posts higher profits  Genentech is boosted by continued strong sales of its 2 blockbuster cancer-fighting drugs and a one-time legal settlement

  SF Presidio   Plan to remove large trees from 100 acres  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service approved the plan to save two endangered native plants

  Mountain View Intuit apologizes to TurboTax customers  Software maker is formally apologizing to users who rebelled against an anti-piracy feature

  Berkeley 4 drug suspects arrested  Officers are thanking community members for helping launch an investigation that led to the arrest of 19-year-old residents

Evening News

  Oakland   Woman missing  A 72-year-old Yu Ling Lin who disappeared a week ago has family members worried

  Concord 10-hour standoff ends surrender  A man who barricaded himself inside a home, claimed to be armed and ready to kill himself

  Palo Alto Man rescues woman from oncoming train  Gabe Mora grabbed the diminutive woman, pulled her out of the way and shielded her from the rushing train

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