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Main Event: Davis, Bustamante rally same cr...
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B. 09-01 Man murdered North Oakland
09-01 Davis, Bustamante rally same crowd Pleasanton
D. 09-01 MUNI Fares Go Up San Francisco
E. 09-01 Woman injured during cliff fall Half Moon Bay


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Morning News

Sep.1   North Oakland   Man murdered  The man was pronounced dead at the scene in the 1000 block of 63rd St.

Day News

  Pleasanton   Davis, Bustamante rally same crowd
  Davis told union members that he was working to change things in the state

  San Francisco   MUNI Fares Go Up  $60 million budget shortfall has forced city to hike MUNI fares. A single adult fare will now cost $1.25

  Half Moon Bay Woman injured during cliff fall  Woman slipped and fell several feet down a steep cliff trail that headed toward the beach

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