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Crime Main Event: Schwarzenegger held educat...
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B. 09-10 Levi Strauss to eliminate up to 650 jobs San Francisco
2. 09-10 Girl's yell foiled kidnap North Oakland
3. 09-10 Teen beats guard in escape attempt San Francisco
09-10 Schwarzenegger held education summit San Jose
5. 09-10 11,000 were evacuated at Moscone SF Downtown
G. 09-10 Logitech celebrates 500 million mice Fremont
H. 09-10 Slowdowns Blamed on Confused Drivers Bay Bridge
8. 09-10 Woman indicted on wire fraud charges Castro Valley
J. 09-10 Oakland 3, Anaheim 0 Coliseum


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Morning News

Sep.10   San Francisco   Levi Strauss to eliminate up to 650 jobs
  Facing pressure to lower the prices of its clothes, jeans maker will cut up 5% of Levi's worldwide work force

  North Oakland   Girl's yell foiled kidnap  Kidnapper had forced 7-year-old out of her bedroom and was trying to carry the child out of her family's backyard

  San Francisco Teen beats guard in escape attempt  16-year-old boy brutally assaulted a custodian at the San Francisco Youth Guidance Center

Day News

  San Jose     Schwarzenegger held education summit
  The summit featured his famous mother-in-law and the teaching hero who inspired the movie 'Stand and Deliver'

  SF Downtown   11,000 were evacuated at Moscone  During Oracle and Seybold conventions someone threatened to blow up the building

  Fremont Logitech celebrates 500 million mice  Logitech International is accompanying a 55% of the 900 million desktop PCs produced over the past 2 decades

  Bay Bridge Slowdowns Blamed on Confused Drivers  Caltrans is blaming the slowdowns on large metal plates on the roadway and confused drivers

Evening News

  Castro Valley Woman indicted on wire fraud charges  38-year-old Jeanette Lopez was a stock plan administrator for a now-defunct company called HMT Technology

  Coliseum Oakland 3, Anaheim 0  Lilly won his career-best 4th straight start

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