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Accidents Main Event: Raiders 23, Bengals 20...
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1. 09-14 Grass fire burns 250 acres San Ramon
2. 09-14 Woman killed in crash the southbound lane,, Sonoma County
09-14 Raiders 23, Bengals 20 in home opener Coliseum
E. 09-14 Suspect flushed out by tear gas Rohnert Park
F. 09-14 San Francisco 5, Milwaukee 4, 11 innings Pac Bell Park
6. 09-14 Lab cited for radiation violations Livermore Lab
H. 09-14 Horner wins T-Mobile men's bike race SF Downtown
I. 09-14 Praise for Emergency Response Programs Campbell
J. 09-14 Anti-Crime Activists Confront Mayor Oakland City Hall


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Morning News

Sep.14   San Ramon   Grass fire burns 250 acres  A spark from power line construction started the fire and hot, dry winds carried it quickly into Alameda County

  Sonoma County Woman killed in crash  The vehicle veered onto the road's right shoulder, the car spun into the southbound lane, striking the rear of a pickup

Day News

  Coliseum   Raiders 23, Bengals 20 in home opener
  Janikowski kicked a 39-yard field goal, his 3rd of the game, as the Raiders overcame a lackluster performance

  Rohnert Park Suspect flushed out by tear gas  26-year-old William Sebastian was arrested after he barricaded himself for 6 hours in his mother's apartment

  Pac Bell Park San Francisco 5, Milwaukee 4, 11 innings  Linden had a bases-loaded single in the 11th inning

  Livermore Lab Lab cited for radiation violations  Laboratory has been tentatively cited for a violation that allowed a worker to receive twice the annual allowed dose

Evening News

  SF Downtown   Horner wins T-Mobile men's bike race
  American was the winner of T-Mobile International race while Cooke was the winner of the women's race

  Campbell   Praise for Emergency Response Programs  The National League of Cities has recognized 7 cities in the US for developing innovative homeland security programs

  Oakland City Hall Anti-Crime Activists Confront Mayor  Community activists were attending a meeting to deal with the rising murder rate

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