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B. 09-03 County awaits extradition of suspect Contra Costa County
C. 09-03 Armed robber hits Walgreen's Millbrae
3. 09-03 Friendster befriends 3 new investors Sunnyvale
E. 09-03 Man hurt in plane crash, fiancee in driving Novato
09-03 First debate of California's recall election Walnut Creek
G. 09-03 2 homicides East Oakland
7. 09-03 VaxGen to supply anthrax vaccine to UK Brisbane
8. 09-03 cancels party San Francisco
9. 09-03 Regulators blessed Overture takeover Yahoo


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Morning News

Sep.3   Contra Costa County County awaits extradition of suspect  Ismael Carranza, charged with murder in 1975, will be extradited from Dallas, where he had started a new life

  Millbrae Armed robber hits Walgreen's  A man who allegedly robbed the store escaped 'under the cloak of darkness' after a short foot chase

  Sunnyvale Friendster befriends 3 new investors  Former Yahoo CEO Koogle, former PayPal CEO Thiel and Google board member Shriram have invested $1 million

  Novato Man hurt in plane crash, fiancee in driving  A woman rushing to the site where her fiancee had crashed also ended up in the hospital when her car was rear ended

Day News

  Walnut Creek   First debate of California's recall election
  Candidates attacked front-runner Bustamante for accepting Indian casino money. Gov. Davis defended his job

  East Oakland   2 homicides
  22-year old student Michael Darnell Thompson and the 17-year old boy were shot and died at hospital

  Brisbane   VaxGen to supply anthrax vaccine to UK  Shares soared 45% when the company announced it was negotiating to sell rights to its anthrax vaccine

  San Francisco cancels party  An invitation linking the Dalai Lama to the event rankled the American Himalayan Foundation

  Yahoo Regulators blessed Overture takeover  $1.7 billion purchase of online search engine maker has passed a mandatory antitrust review

  Pac Bell Park Giants 7, Rockies 6  Young scored the winning run in the 9th inning

  SF Bayview Rally demanded hearing on police brutality  Rally is to put pressure on police commissioners

  Napa Intense lightning  There are 30 lightning-caused fires in Napa County

Evening News

  Vallejo Lottery scam  Police is looking for 2 suspects in a scam in which one of them claims to be in possession of a winning ticket

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