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Business Main Event: Riders innocent on 8 co...
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1. 09-30 Sun stock plummets Sun
2. 09-30 Fiorina most powerful women in business HP
09-30 Riders innocent on 8 counts; mistrial Oakland
E. 09-30 Schwarzenegger makes stopover SF Downtown
F. 09-30 Schmidt outduels Beckett in opener Pac Bell Park
G. 09-30 Child Dies in hit-and-run Oakland Downtown
7. 09-30 Google Buys Web Search Company Kaltix Google
I. 09-30 Animal Rights Group Claims Responsibility Pleasanton
9. 09-30 New jeans lifts Levi's quarterly results San Francisco


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Morning News

Sep.30   Sun   Sun stock plummets  Sun Microsystems' shares plunged more than 15% after the computer maker said it would revise its quarter results

  HP   Fiorina most powerful women in business  Fiorina is in the No. 1 spot for the 6th consecutive year in Fortune's list of the 50 most powerful women in business

Day News

  Oakland   Riders innocent on 8 counts; mistrial
  The jury found 3 ex-officers innocent on 8 counts and were hopelessly deadlocked on the remaining 27 charges

  SF Downtown     Schwarzenegger makes stopover
  During a half hour at the Fairmont Hotel, Schwarzenegger said it was interesting that Huffington dropped out

  Pac Bell Park   Schmidt outduels Beckett in opener
  Schmidt is throwing a 3-hitter for a 2-0 victory over Florida Marlins in Game of Division Series

  Oakland Downtown   Child Dies in hit-and-run  A woman drove up on the sidewalk. One child was hit and killed, and another pedestrian was injured

  Google Google Buys Web Search Company Kaltix  Kaltix is a start-up that builds the personalized and context-sensitive search tools

  Pleasanton Animal Rights Group Claims Responsibility  The Revolutionary Cells Animal Liberation Brigade has claimed responsibility for Shaklee attack

  San Francisco New jeans lifts Levi's quarterly results  Jeans maker profit nearly doubled in the quarter, boosted by the successful debut of a discount clothing line

  Gap eBay, Dell executives named to board  Clothing retailer named eBay CEO Whitman and Dell CFO James Schneider, to its board of directors

  SF Bayview Police Search Car in Hunt for Baby's Killer  A burned-out car could lead police to a baby's killer

Evening News

  Millbrae Suspious car leads to 2 arrests  Shawn E. Webb, 33, and Karen Ebejer, 33, arrested when an allegedly stolen car lead police to identity theft evidence

  Novato Hamilton Air Field transferred to state  Gov. Davis approved the transfer of 630-acres from the U.S. Army to the state Coastal Conservancy

  San Francisco 2-alarm fire  The blaze at 2407 24th St. started about 9:30 p.m. No injuries have been reported

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