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Google, Yahoo to settle patent dispute  Online search engine leader will surrender more than $300 million of its stock to Yahoo IPO auction clears Playboy hurdle  The company acknowledged a newly published interview with its founders contained misleading information Regulators open inquiry into stock issue  Securities and Exchange Commission has opened an informal inquiry into failure to register millions of shares No decision from SEC on IPO paperwork  The long-awaited initial stock sale, which appeared imminent, was delayed while the company awaits final approval IPO price range to between $85 and $95
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Philosophical IPO notice  The 'owners manual' for shareholders outlines plans to distribute initial shares fairly, put long-term opportunities ahead Blogger.com revised  Internet search engine leader is continuing a flurry of improvements that has coincided with competition from Yahoo! Bug in Gmail Temporarily Boosts Storage Co-founders each hold nearly 16% stakes  Larry Page and Sergey Brin's stakes expected be worth at least $3 billion apiece after the company's IPO Search toolbox souped for intranets Trademark tug-of-war with kid's Web site  Entrepreneur Steven Esrig is alleging turf rightfully belongs to a small children's Web site called Googles.com Google to list on Nasdaq Lawsuit alleges discrimination  A recently fired manager Brian Reid, 54, is contending the company culture discriminates against older workers Google to sell shares at $108 to $135  Google would sell 24.6 million shares. Between $2.66 billion and $3.32 billion in stock would be sold in the IPO Site opened to register bidders  Google opened the site where prospective investors must register to bid for the company's shares Possible securities violations disclosed
Yahoo to Drop Google as Search Engine Ad Service for E-Mail -Sources Friendster-Style Service Tried Google Battles Booble Over Trademarks Google Tops Global Brand Poll -- Again Environmental group's ads banned 1 billion more pages added to Web index Yahoo begins to cut ties with Google Co-Founder Page Mum on IPO Plans Founders Keep 'Top 100' List of Ideas Co-Founders to Establish Foundation System to improve local search results Google highlights its shopping service Google to offer free e-mail  E-mail service providing 250 to 500 times more storage space than Yahoo and Microsoft Ad Pricing Revised for Content Sites Google, Yahoo ban online casino ads  The popular online search engines are reacting to a federal crackdown on Internet gambling Gmail headache grows Google May Change E-Mail Service Google May Announce IPO Plan Soon IPO Underwriters Chosen Co-Founder Brin Lives Modestly CEO: Web big enough for Yahoo, Google Google files long-awaited IPO plans

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  Google hopes to raise $2.7 billion to have a market value of at least $20 billion

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  Google may have illegally issued 23 million shares of its stock to hundreds of employees and consultants
  The Internet search giant reduced the number of shares to be sold by insiders to 19.6 million, down from 25.7 million
Auction on IPO closed after SEC gives nod  Google is receiving final approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission to proceed with the long-awaited stock sale Aug.19 Google goes public, shares surge 18%
  Shares finished the day at $100.34 with more than 22 million shares having changed hands
 The offer price had been cut to at $85 from an initial estimate of $108-135, in the face of weakness in the tech sector. The flotation ranks as the 3rd richest US-based IPO on the Nasdaq. The shares offered through a 'Dutch auction' to give small investors a better chance of getting their hands on the stock

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Oct.6 Book searches offered as new service  Search leader is inviting publishers to include entire books in its index, enabling people to peek at the contents Oct.14 Software offered to search hard drive
  Free software promises to scour documents, e-mails, instant messages and other stored files
Oct.21 3rd-quarter profit more than doubles
  Google exceeded analyst expectations as the company propelled by a continued surge in online advertising Oct.24 Creative search for elite programmers Oct.27 Google buys digital mapping company  Google Inc. has bought Keyhole Corp., extending the search engine leader's bid to fend off rivals

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Nov.17 New tool for scholarly research
Nov.19 Founders, CEO to sell up to 16m shares

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Dec.14 Google Bringing Libraries to Web
  Google would digitize some of the world's most important libraries to attract more viewers to its site and its ads

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