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Newsom's spouse to co-host Court TV Mayor and DA meet, promise closer ties Newsom postponed speech to visit father   Mayor replaces police chief, names woman
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Newsom, 2004   SF City Hall, 2004   San Francisco, 2004 (91)
  Newsom named woman as Fire Chief
  Gavin Newsom takes office as mayor

January 2004 ... more > Top ^
  Wealthy businessman was inaugurated as San Francisco's youngest mayor in more than a century
  The new mayor named 39-year-old, 14-year department veteran Joanne Hayes-White, as city first woman fire chief
  Newsom announced he had replaced Alex Fagan with a 26-year veteran, Assistant Chief Heather Fong, 47
Jan.19   Newsom named Alioto-Pier as supervisor
  Mayor named Port Commissioner to replace him on the Board of Supervisors, where she will represent the city's 2nd district
Jan.26 Mayor swears in Alioto-Pier as supervisor  Newsom, joined by former VP Al Gore, swore in Michela Alioto-Pier as his replacement for the board of supervisors Jan.27 Newsom to seek higher taxes  New Mayor told business leaders a budget deficit that may exceed $300 million may give him little choice but Jan.30 Mayor cut his salary by 15%  Gavin Newsom has cut his $168,867-a-year salary and urged other high earners at City Hall to do the same

February 2004 ... more > Top ^
Feb.3 Mayor to create credit for working poor Feb.4 Mayor convened 'Homelessness Cabinet' Feb.5 Mayor visits homicide scenes  Gavin Newsom is raising concerns among police that he will be forced to testify in court about his encounters Feb.21 Mayor: no anxiety over gay marriages  Newsom has been surprised by the lack of support he's received from fellow Democrats Feb.24 Newsom to Bush: Don't blame us  Mayor denounced President's 'lack of truthfulness' in attributing his support for a constitutional ban on gay marriages Feb.28 Mayor looks forward for high court
  Newsom accused President Bush of political showmanship and discrimination   Apple Opens Store with Pomp  The glitzy store opening was kicked off with loud music and a ribbon-cutting with Steve Jobs and Gavin Newsom

March 2004 ... more > Top ^
Mar.1 Mayor Gets Police Protection  Undercover officers are guarding Gavin Newsom after a number of death threats over his stand on gay marriage

April 2004 ... more > Top ^
Apr.1 Newsom has sold his $1.7 million holdings  The Mayor has sold his holdings in restaurants and other businesses to avoid concerns about possible conflicts of interest

August 2004 ... more > Top ^
Aug.5 Newsom appoints aide to Board of Supes  Mayor appointed Sean Elsbernd, 28, to replace Tony Hall on the city Board of Supervisors Aug.6 Mayor signed a $5 billion city budget  Gavin Newsom is closing a $307 million budget deficit, the largest the city has ever had Aug.13 Newsom orders audit of grants  Mayor asked the city controller to conduct an audit to determine how the organization used city grant money

October 2004 ... more > Top ^
Oct.21 Newsom Gives First State of City Address  Mayor said it was time to move forward. He was polished and energetic and covered a myriad of issues Oct.25 Mayor vows to join pickets to end lockout
  Gavin Newsom calsl for a boycott of the 14 facilities and urge other mayors to play hardball with the properties' owners
Oct.28 Hotels blast mayor's actions in dispute  A trade group representing more than 60 SF hotels accused Newsom of exacerbating tensions surrounding a labor dispute

November 2004 ... more > Top ^
Nov.3 Mayor Warns About Layoffs  The city was preparing for severe layoffs, after the failure of 2 propositions meant to raise money for local services

December 2004 ... more > Top ^
Dec.9 Newsom: 'State of Homelessness' Address
  Mayor gave the address to 200 bureaucrats, providers, clients, and critics Dec.12 Church Action Against Mayor
  Gavin Newsom is not welcome in 2 of the city's Catholic churches because he sanctions same sex marriages

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01-08 Gavin Newsom takes office as mayor SF City Hall
2. 01-10 Newsom named woman as Fire Chief SF City Hall
D. 01-11 Newsom's spouse to co-host Court TV San Francisco
E. 01-13 Mayor and DA meet, promise closer ties San Francisco
5. 01-18 Mayor replaces police chief, names woman SF City Hall
G. 01-19 Newsom named Alioto-Pier as supervisor SF City Hall
H. 01-26 Mayor swears in Alioto-Pier as supervisor SF City Hall
I. 01-27 Newsom to seek higher taxes SF City Hall

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