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Accidents Main Event: 2 Girls Allegedly Atta...
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B. 01-16 Rambus earnings up 56% Los Altos
C. 01-16 Ames Center to play major role Moffett Field
D. 01-16 Sun to cut 200 jobs in Newark Newark
01-16 2 Girls Allegedly Attacked at High School San Francisco
5. 01-16 Tanker carrying ammonia overturned Dublin
6. 01-16 Body found inside burning car Oakland
H. 01-16 California Democratic Convention opened San Jose Downtown
I. 01-16 Secretary of State to investigate election SF City Hall
J. 01-16 2 people in hospital after shooting SF Bayview


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Morning News

Jan.16   Los Altos Rambus earnings up 56%  Earnings at memory-chip designer jumped in the fourth quarter on higher royalties and a drop in litigation expenses

  Moffett Field Ames Center to play major role  NASA Ames Research Center has a major role to play in the new national space vision outlined by President Bush

  Newark Sun to cut 200 jobs in Newark  Sun Microsystems, under pressure to cut costs, will shut down its manufacturing plant

Day News

  San Francisco   2 Girls Allegedly Attacked at High School
  4 boys, students at the same Raoul Wallenberg High School, are all in juvenile hall

  Highway 680   Tanker carrying ammonia overturned
Map of Interstate 680 Dublin
  Traffic was snarled during the morning rush hour and crews worked through the afternoon repairing a guard rail

  Oakland   Body found inside burning car  A Nissan was parked in a designated spot near Lake Temescal

Evening News

  San Jose Downtown   California Democratic Convention opened
  Rep. Dennis Kucinich opens the Convention after civil rights leader Al Sharpton was delayed Friday by bad weather

  SF City Hall   Secretary of State to investigate election  Kevin Shelley's office would investigate allegations that city employees were forced to work for Newsom's election campaign

  SF Bayview 2 people in hospital after shooting  The victims are in stable condition

  San Francisco Bank of America critics air complaints  Activists say California has been shortchanged since BoA was sold and moved to North Carolina in 1998

  Wells Fargo Financial statements restated for 6 years  Banking giant restated its last 6 years of financial results, resulting in minor changes that shaved $56 million

  Google Ad Service for E-Mail -Sources  The service could dramatically extend the reach of its keyword-based advertising by linking such ads to e-mail

  Oakland Some Crimes Take a Backseat  Inside police department, case files are piling up as investigators are being moved to patrol

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