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Crime Main Event: Prosecutors: monetary moti...
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1. 06-17 Web site gives sex offenders' information San Francisco
2. 06-17 33-year-old stabbed in stomach Fremont
06-17 Prosecutors: monetary motive for murder Redwood City
4. 06-17 Juror Speaks to Laci's Brother -- On Tape Redwood City
F. 06-17 Nobel laureate appointed head of lab Berkeley
G. 06-17 PeopleSoft documents raise MS fears San Francisco
H. 06-17 Giamts 8, Toronto 5 Pac Bell Park
I. 06-17 Technical glitch slows Web portal Yahoo
9. 06-17 Suspicious fire at Jewish temple Vallejo


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Morning News

Jun.17   San Francisco   Web site gives sex offenders' information  San Francisco Police Department's home page is including where they live and their photos

  Fremont 33-year-old stabbed in stomach  A suspect brandished a knife and forced the victim to walk to the railroad tracks

Day News

  Redwood City     Prosecutors: monetary motive for murder
  An aunt and a store clerk testified about Laci Peterson's jewelry inheritance

  Redwood City     Juror Speaks to Laci's Brother -- On Tape
  A TV camera caught one of the jurors making a remark to Brent Rocha as they entered the courthouse

  Berkeley   Nobel laureate appointed head of lab  University of California regents have appointed Steven Chu to head the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  San Francisco PeopleSoft documents raise MS fears  Business software maker has portrayed its industry as a competitive to become more cutthroat with Microsoft poised to leap

  Pac Bell Park Giamts 8, Toronto 5  Tucker drove in 3 runs and delivered the go-ahead 2-run triple in the bottom of the 8th inning

  Yahoo Technical glitch slows Web portal  Some Yahoo! Web sites and services stumbled for the 2nd time in a week

Evening News

  Vallejo   Suspicious fire at Jewish temple  The entire temple was damaged by smoke. Investigators said that more than one crime might have occurred

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