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1. 11-13 Fire at women's shelter Alameda
C. 11-13 Measure to consider school traffic safety SF City Hall
3. 11-13 Cause of deadly explosion investigated Walnut Creek
E. 11-13 Schools Chief Receives Raise to $250,000 SF City Hall
F. 11-13 Man dead after home invasion robbery East Oakland
11-13 3 killed, 4 in critical after rollover San Francisco
H. 11-13 22-hour standoff with kidnapper North San Jose
8. 11-13 Pedestrian struck, killed on freeway hit a, Vallejo
9. 11-13 Killed after thrown from motorcycle caused the, Martinez


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Morning News

Nov.13   Alameda   Fire at women's shelter  The two-alarm fire left one firefighter injured and eight to 10 people displaced

  SF City Hall Measure to consider school traffic safety  The city Supervisors is expected to approve a much-needed measure intended to prevent accidents around schools

  Walnut Creek Cause of deadly explosion investigated  EBMUD denied that Mountain Cascade, the contractor installing a huge pipe, had been pressured to meet deadlines

Day News

  SF City Hall   Schools Chief Receives Raise to $250,000  School Board has decided to raise the salary of Superintendent Arlene Ackerman by 12%

  East Oakland   Man dead after home invasion robbery  Upon arrival officers found a man suffering from multiple gun shot wounds

Evening News

  Highway 280   3 killed, 4 in critical after rollover
Map of Interstate 280 San Francisco
  A mother, her daughter and a small child were killed as a Suburban rolled over on the off-ramp of I-280

  North San Jose 22-hour standoff with kidnapper  Woman was stating that her 25-year-old male friend was being held against his will and had asked her for money

  Vallejo Pedestrian struck, killed on freeway  One man was killed and two others were injured when a car hit a man standing in the roadway

  Martinez Killed after thrown from motorcycle  One motorcycle hit a dead dog in the roadway and the impact caused the driver to strike the side of the other motorcycle

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