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B. 11-14 Alta Bates risks loss of accreditation Berkeley
2. 11-14 3 people injured in apartment fire North Oakland
11-14 Fuel Line Operational Again Walnut Creek
E. 11-14 Fatal shooting San Mateo
F. 11-14 Panthers 37, 49ers 27 Candlestick
6. 11-14 Man died after falling 50 feet Castro Valley


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Morning News

Nov.14   Berkeley Alta Bates risks loss of accreditation  Inspectors from JCAHO, uncovered numerous problems at the hospital's campuses

  North Oakland 3 people injured in apartment fire  2 people suffered smoke inhalation and one person suffered burns in the one-alarm fire

Evening News

  Walnut Creek   Fuel Line Operational Again
  The jet pipeline which exploded, killing 5 people, has reopened to the dismay of some residents who live near the blast

  San Mateo   Fatal shooting  24-year-old Jaime Meza was shot around 12:45 a.m. in his car behind the Marina Plaza Shopping Center

  Candlestick   Panthers 37, 49ers 27  Delhomme threw 3 second-half touchdown passes to Muhsin Muhammad

  Castro Valley Man died after falling 50 feet  A 41-year-old man died after losing his balance on a concrete guardrail overlooking a 50-foot drop

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