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1. 11-29 4-year-old girl dies in driveway accident East Oakland
11-29 'Death Cap' Mushroom Leaves One Dead Oakland
D. 11-29 Avastin helps sickest patients Genentech
4. 11-29 Clinical Trials to Prevent HIV San Francisco


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Morning News

Nov.29   East Oakland 4-year-old girl dies in driveway accident  The vehicle lunged forward as it was being worked on in the driveway. The girl was trapped under a wheel

Day News

  Napa   Marine from Napa dies in Iraq
  Cpl. Kirk J. Bosselmann, 21, was killed in Anbar province

  Oakland   'Death Cap' Mushroom Leaves One Dead
  A dangerous type of mushroom growing wild has left one person dead and 3 others seriously ill

  Genentech   Avastin helps sickest patients  Genentech's novel colon cancer-fighting drug helped some of the patients stay alive 2 months longer than expected

  San Francisco Clinical Trials to Prevent HIV  The Department of Public Health will launch 3 different trials in an attempt to find new ways to prevent HIV infection

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